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You may not know the names Cheryl Clemons, Leanne Lyons and Tamara George, but chances are you're familiar with their work. The trio achieved fame in the 1990s performing as musical group SWV. The group -- which was nominated for the Best New Artist Grammy in 1994 -- split up in 1998 and reunited in 2005, which led to sporadic work over the next few years before reuniting full-time and releasing a new album in 2012. This docuseries follows the women as they learn to live and perform together again as they hit the road for their comeback tour. In order for the reunion to work, they'll have to overcome issues that led to the group breaking up in the '90s, while dealing with new challenges that include health scares, family issues and management drama.

Latest episodes

aired 797 days ago
Taj lip syncs at a show on a cruise liner; Lelee's personal life is turned upside down; Cory's actions enrage the girls.
aired 798 days ago
SWV has a huge concert in Las Vegas, but Lelee and Coko have to perform without Taj, whose doctor gives her the toughest choice of her life, risking her health or the future of her career.
aired 799 days ago
Taj and Lelee accuse Coko of faking an illness to avoid singing "Downtown" at their show in Aruba; Taj's vocal problems may ruin an important performance at the ESPYs; Lelee realizes she might be pregnant.
aired 800 days ago
Taj and Eddie renew their wedding vows; Lelee has a family emergency; Taj and Cory continue to battle.
aired 801 days ago
SWV works on a new album; Lelee has problems; drama threatens the group.
aired 804 days ago
Lelee's sights on recapturing the sound that made SWV a success; Taj and Coko have mixed feelings about revisiting the past.
aired 805 days ago
Coko confronts her music director husband when he gets tough on the girls in rehearsal; Cory knows SWV better than they know themselves; Coko must make a choice between Cory and SWV.
aired 806 days ago
SWV goes to Jamaica with the goal of debuting a new song; Taj ignores her doctor's orders and shocks Lelee and Coko on stage.
aired 807 days ago
Taj's health problems jeopardize studio time and crush her confidence; Taj continues to have vocal problems.
aired 808 days ago
Devastating news about LeLee's daughter; Coko feels betrayed by the group; Taj has an emergency; Lelee and Coko talk after the therapy session.
aired 812 days ago
When the group goes to therapy, a secret is revealed from the past; the trio's future success and friendship are at risk.
aired 813 days ago
The ladies return to therapy while recording a new album and fight about explicit lyrics; Corey demands a promotion.

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