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The four original members of Xscape, a multi-platinum hit girl group of the '90s, reunite on the stage after nearly 20 years apart. Now, Kandi, who has become a sought-after Grammy-winning songwriter and entrepreneur, wants to attempt a comeback, Tiny is eager to return to the business after putting it on hold to make family her priority, LaTocha continues to push the group toward stardom, and Tamika is looking to head back to where her music career started. The group must reconcile and look past old resentments to give their fans a comeback to remember.

Latest episodes

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The wedding of Tamika's daughter one day before the Essence Festival puts the ladies under extra pressure; an unexpected interruption stops the Detroit show in its tracks; Kandi makes a decision that affects the fate of the group.
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The ladies' former producer allows their music to be used in an unauthorized TV movie; Tiny reveals the real reasons she needs the group's reunion to be a success; Kandi and Tamika have a power struggle over their new wardrobe for the BET Awards.
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The ladies argue over old issues instead of rehearsing; Kandi and Tocha struggle to find a way to move forward; Mama Joyce gives the group her unvarnished opinion on how to get on the same page and make music again.
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Reunited, the original members of Xscape plunge back into rehearsals, during which their old issues resurface; the women must figure out how to get along with each other before taking the stage at the BET Awards.

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