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Viewers watch as many households are subject to being stripped of everything they own. Based on a Scandinavian format, this social experiment allows people to embark on a journey of self-discovery as their values and lives change. Every item a household owns is taken away, including furniture, clothing, hygiene products, money, and electronics. The people must go through the regular motions of their lives, including going to work, meeting friends, and maintaining their families. The experiment lasts for 21 days, and each day the people may retrieve one item that they think they cannot live without. Relationships will be strained and tested and perspectives will change drastically as people reacquire their material goods.

Latest episodes

aired 145 days ago
A recent Los Angeles transplant and social media aficionado looks to find balance between the glamorous life he portrays online and the reality he has been avoiding.
aired 148 days ago
Brian and Jason hope that giving up all they own will help them reconnect and finally set a wedding date.
aired 148 days ago
A single ladies' man and his recently divorced roommate get pushed to their breaking points after being left with an empty house and a sick pet cat; tempers flare as the two learn to cope with sharing their living space in ways they never expected.
aired 148 days ago
A newly married couple from different backgrounds learn just how strong their bond is when they relinquish all material possessions; by the end, they uncover unexpected truths about each other.
aired 148 days ago
Two single sisters who share an apartment, a bartending job and frivolous spending habits become forced to reassess their lives.
aired 177 days ago
Tensions rise between fitness model Ariana and her schoolteacher boyfriend, Ryan, as they struggle with the items they choose to bring back into their lives.
aired 177 days ago
Three best friends in their 30s choose to give up all their possessions, hoping to bond through a challenging experience.
aired 177 days ago
With 10,000 items in their home, Ali and Justin embark on a 21-day experiment hoping to reassess their priorities; Ali, a fashion stylist with a penchant for designer items, is often at odds with Justin, an accountant who wants to grow their family.