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Space Racers

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Prepare to soar with the animated series "Space Racers." Following the adventures of the Stardust Space Academy cadets, the series focuses on scientific exploration and investigation along with the importance of cooperation. With fun and engaging characters like Eagle, the leader of the Space Racers, and Hawk, the big spaceship with an even bigger heart, "Space Racers" aims to excite children about the wonders of the solar system, as cadets use their skills and work as a team in accomplishing missions.

Latest episodes

aired 111 days ago
Starling has a crucial flight test to pass before she can move on with her training.
aired 111 days ago
Robyn spots a new asteroid but can't determine its size; a stone contains living bacteria.
aired 112 days ago
The cadets are on assignment to dig for Helium-3; Vulture is up to his old tricks.
aired 112 days ago
Vulture fires Dodo; the cadets and teachers journey to far-off Deep Space Station Gagarin.
aired 118 days ago
When a physically disabled new cadet arrives one day, the racers are afraid to ask about his short wing.
aired 118 days ago
A ghost story about an asteroid; a mysterious musical frequency from space makes everyone sing or whistle it.
aired 119 days ago
Stardust Bay is abuzz about the winter solstice; AVA wonders how much fun it would be to play Orb-O.
aired 185 days ago
Sandpiper leads Robyn, Starling and Lark off to Jupiter's moon Europa for their Space Girl Explorers meeting; Hawk makes a series of simple predictions on Earth and in space -- all guesses -- that happen to come true, astonishing his friends.
aired 186 days ago
When Vulture loudly fires Dodo again, Headmaster Crane takes pity and hires him as an assistant, not knowing that Dodo was sent as a spy; Vulture has big plans to turn dwarf planet Pluto into a grand amusement park.
aired 187 days ago
Crow accidentally activates a taped message from Fizzy Finchfuzz, owner of the Fizzy Fuel Pop Company, announcing a big race; Eagle, Hawk and Raven resent doing all the hard work around the school while the teachers seemingly have it easy.
aired 187 days ago
Everyone becomes excited when a cool kid transfers to the academy; Gosling's parents are both freighters, but the young rocket harbors a keen interest in science and secretly yearns to be a Stardust Space Academy cadet.
aired 190 days ago
When Starling is excluded from another space mission, she sings wistfully of longing to be part of the team; Hawk, Eagle and Robyn reach the Oort Cloud, a vast field dotted with icy objects orbiting a great distance from the sun.
aired 190 days ago
Five spaceships explore the solar system and complete scientific missions.
aired 191 days ago
During a game of hide-and-seek, Starling and Dinky hide inside a crate that gets sealed and shipped into space; Vulture bonks his head and reboots his sour personality.
aired 191 days ago
At the big Earth Day Fair, the cadets volunteer for assignments to help improve the environment; the kids can't wait to meet some of the academy's famous former cadets during Stardust Bay's annual All-Star Weekend.
aired 192 days ago
Hawk's puppet show isn't going over well with the junior cadets: the Captain Cosmos puppet doesn't look anything like him, and it needs a new head; when the Rooster Rockets endorse a new energy-boosting fuel drink, Eagle can't wait to try it.
aired 192 days ago
Raven and Hawk are assigned to help Coot with repairs up at Fuel Station Alpha; a faint radio signal is picked up in Stardust Bay.

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