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The Doozers

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In Doozer Creek, a self-sustainable community located just outside the view of humans, members of the Doozer Pod Squad design, create and innovate different things. Whether they're designing a racecar or building a giant gingerbread house, the Doozers work together to solve problems. Young Spike Doozer pushes the other members of the team -- including younger sister Daisy Wheel, pilot Flex and organization guru Molly Bolt -- into action. The preschool series is based on characters from "Fraggle Rock," a show that was popular in the 1980s.

Latest episodes

VOD available
Baker Timber Bolt reads the Pod Squad a scary bedtime story all about why Doozer Creek celebrates Spookylopoza.
VOD available
The Pod Squad work together to solve the case of the missing Flapjackster.
VOD available
The Pod Squad work together to open a Mystery Box.
VOD available
The Pod Squad enter into a hot air balloon race.
VOD available
The Pod Squad work together to get a lost butterfly back to his flutter.

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