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Using old animation and the same characters from Hanna Barbera's "Sealab 2020," all of the crew members aboard Sealab's submarine have gone insane. Their mental shortcomings make it difficult and inconceivable to properly run a trillion-dollar underwater research station, but their incoherent decision-making and farcical interactions with one another make for a hilarious remake of an oldie but goodie.

Latest episodes

aired 158 days ago
Misfits investigate underwater colonization.
aired 159 days ago
The Water surrounding Sealab disappears.
aired 160 days ago
A cancerous whale visits Sealab for a mercy killing.
aired 161 days ago
After narrowly escaping a nuclear catastrophe, Stormy and Quinn get trapped in an underwater cave.
aired 165 days ago
Dr. Quinn invents a genetic-hybrid crustacean.
aired 166 days ago
An eccentric trillionaire tries to purchase the Sealab.
aired 167 days ago
Marco's secret threatens the lives of the Sealab crew.
aired 168 days ago
The Sealab is in danger of sinking into an ancient American Indian burial ground.
aired 179 days ago
Marco returns to Sealab with a tale to tell.
aired 180 days ago
Shanks refuses to hire Sharko out of prejudice.
aired 181 days ago
Debbie prepares for her birthday while the crew battles a mysterious illness.
aired 182 days ago
A grief counselor tries to help the Sealab crew through a hard time.
aired 186 days ago
The crew finds themselves on a dreaded island when a team-building exercise goes awry.
aired 187 days ago
Shanks is a member of a secret organization that holds the fate of the world in it's grasp.
aired 188 days ago
Fed up with paying taxes, Stormy inspires Captain Shanks to declare Sealab a sovereign nation.
aired 189 days ago
Shanks refuses treatment for a head-tumor.
aired 193 days ago
In Captain Shanks' desire to carry on his name, he tries to get Hesh and Debbie to marry.
aired 194 days ago
Quinn agrees to teach Debbie's 4th grade class for a day.
aired 195 days ago
The Sealab crew steals a high definition television from Space Lab.
aired 196 days ago
When Murphy goes to war, the Sealab crew searches for a new captain.
aired 200 days ago
A distress signal sends the crew on a dangerous rescue mission.

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