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Savage Kingdom

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In an ancient land a battle for survival plays out like a "Game of Thrones" episode, but the warring clans here are lions, leopards, hyenas and wild dogs. Set in the remote wilderness of Savute, Africa, "Savage Kingdom" is a rare look at rival animal factions fighting for decreasing resources in a parched region. Complete with brutal violence, unexpected deaths, surprising characters, and even romantic interludes, each episode is told from one predator's point of view. The result is a dramatic, character-driven story shot by award-winning Botswanan filmmaker Brad Bestelink. Emmy-nominated actor Charles Dance narrates the miniseries.

Latest episodes

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Sekekama is forced to lead his family into hostile territory; his gamble leads him into a bloody contest against old rivals and new, but it is his control over one treacherous son that will determine Sekekama's hold on power.
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Sekekama struggles to suppress the rebellion of his three sons and protect his kingdom; Zalika, Queen of the Army of Shadows raises new troops to prepare for her moment of triumph; the vagabond Pale Pack fights for survival.
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Neo must prepare for life as a solitary assassin, but his future hangs in the balance after his mother gets forced to fight for their fortress and becomes seriously injured.
aired 126 days ago
Sekekama fights to defend his pride from his treacherous sons as the dry season takes hold.
aired 140 days ago
Saba the leopard is a killer without rival, but her strength and resilience will be tested.
aired 148 days ago
Five heroes head up rival families struggling for power; the winners are rewarded with the richest hunting grounds, but the losers face death.
aired 148 days ago
Hyena queen Zalika plots her revenge on the lions who keep her clan in exile.
aired 148 days ago
Matsumi becomes Queen of the Marsh Pride, but the price of success may be too high as arch-rivals try to bring the ruling dynasty to its knees.
aired 148 days ago
Three lionesses of the Northern Pride struggle to hold their ground, and to find food in the distant forests and hills; once a great family, their sons have been banished and now they must rebuild their pride.
aired 148 days ago
A small but loyal family of wild dogs look for a safe place to raise six tiny puppies.
aired 280 days ago
Queens clash as Matsumi, the lioness of the Marsh pride, and Saba, the resilient mother leopard, fight to ensure their bloodlines survive.
aired 323 days ago
Hyena queen Zalika plots her revenge on the Marsh Lions who keep her clan in exile in order to find enough food to keep the fast-growing cubs satisfied.
aired 481 days ago
A small but intensely loyal family of wild dogs is on the run, desperately looking for a place to raise six tiny puppies safe from predators and rivals.
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Sekekama fights to defend his pride from his treacherous sons as the dry season takes hold.

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