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Predator Fail

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Life for predators is hard, and they have to be resilient to survive.

Latest episodes

aired 33 days ago
Finding out if lions, crocodiles and cheetahs are the efficient killers we think they are.
aired 33 days ago
Hunters with one key weapon, from deadly venom to razor-sharp talons or lightning speed.
aired 260 days ago
Learning about the top players in the aquatic hunting games and how tough it really is for ocean predators to score a meal.

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Animal behaviorist, Kevin Richardson attempts to transfer and acclimate predators to a new home.
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The lives of predators in Africa.
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Lions and other big cats are dominant predators in Africa, leaving a path of savagery and blood in their wake throughout history. Whether it's on the open plains or in muddy swamps and deep rivers, the predators thrive in hostile and unforgiving conditions as they adapt to the surroundings and use the terrain to establish new hunting techniques and seek new prey. The predators combine their age-old skills and knowledge of the land to protect their territory from other species looking to infringe on their areas.