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Sarah & Duck

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Sarah is a 7-year-old girl with big eyes and a green hat. She lives with her best friend, a quacky, slightly manic fowl appropriately named Duck. Each episode features the pair setting out on simple but exciting adventures as they explore the world in their own imaginative way. The animated series focuses on the experiences of childhood as seen through Sarah's eyes as she learns new things every day. The show's objectives are to help kids learn about friendship, imagination and problem solving.

Latest episodes

aired 454 days ago
Scarf Lady's jukebox inspires a knitted-instrument band; Sarah and Duck try to play a tennis doubles match, but need two more players; Sarah and Duck can't find their bench during a fair at the park.
aired 455 days ago
On a windy day, Sarah and Duck try to get their kite to fly; Sarah finds an umbrella that doesn't seem to like the rain; Sarah and Duck visit a large department store looking for new toys.
aired 461 days ago
Sarah's new bouncy ball has some problems; Sarah and Duck make a colorful new friend; Duck needs a new chair when his breaks.
aired 462 days ago
Sarah decides to bake a cake to celebrate Duck's birthday; Scarf Lady welcomes Sarah and Duck to her house full of scarves; Duck breaks his favorite toy robot.
aired 468 days ago
Sarah and Duck find some free seeds in their newspaper and plant them to see what grows; Duck wants to be a penguin, so Sarah decides to take a trip to the zoo; Sarah and Duck attempt to find out why their friend Donkey seems so sad.
aired 469 days ago
Bug's plant looks droopy and his button collecting seems to be the cause; Sarah and Duck help Scarf Lady harvest the weeping woollen tree; Sarah starts an eight-person club to celebrate octagons; Sarah wants special lights for her Christmas tree.
aired 475 days ago
Sarah and Duck give Moon painting lessons after being inspired by a trip to the art gallery; Sarah and Duck dress up as each other and decide to perform a play; when Bread Man needs help, Sarah and Duck come to the rescue with their tandem bike.
aired 476 days ago
Scarf Lady takes to the skies in a knitted hot air balloon to compete against an old friend; when their bicycle gets a flat tire, Sarah and Duck go to the bike shop; Sarah and Duck become detectives when Plate Girl loses her plate on a foggy day.
aired 482 days ago
Sarah and Duck become part of a treasure hunt at a bread festival; the ducks at the pond award a crown to Sarah, so she tries to determine her royal duties; Flamingo and John come to Sarah and Duck's house, but the stairs prove an obstacle for John.
aired 483 days ago
When their local park closes, Sarah and Duck try to find a suitable alternative; a loud clanging overhead wakes Sarah and Duck, who decide to investigate; Sarah and Duck try to work out what Tortoise is crawling toward.
aired 489 days ago
Sarah & Duck follows seven-year-old Sarah and her endearing best friend Duck. During each episode, the pair embarks on simple but exciting adventures. Whether they are trying to reach a rainbow or help an umbrella to stay dry, Sarah and Duck explore everyday moments in an engaging, imaginative way.
aired 490 days ago
Rainbow's colorful glow inspires an art project; a sleepy Sarah attempts to bake a dessert for a hungry Duck; inspired by a nature documentary they saw on television, Sarah and Duck attempt to take photographs of various birds.
aired 496 days ago
A game of hide-and-seek takes longer than usual when Duck gets scared by some fireworks; Sarah and Duck's neighbors need their help; Sarah and Duck are excited about seeing some shooting stars.
aired 729 days ago
Sarah is awarded a crown by the ducks at the pond, so she tries to determine what her royal duties should be.
aired 729 days ago
Sarah and Duck give Moon painting lessons after being inspired by a trip to the art gallery.
aired 730 days ago
Sarah's stomach begins to rumble after she forgets her sandwich; a frog holds a conversation with her noisy tummy.
aired 730 days ago
Sarah and Duck turn detectives when their friend Plate Girl loses her plate on a foggy day.
aired 731 days ago
When the Bubble Man comes to town, Sarah, Duck and Donkey visit the Big Shop.
aired 731 days ago
When their bicycle-built-for-two gets a flat tire, Sarah and Duck hope to get help from the local bike shop.
aired 732 days ago
Scarf Lady's old film reels get themselves in a tangle, so Sarah and Duck decide to recreate the footage.
aired 732 days ago
Scarf Lady takes to the skies in a knitted hot air balloon to compete against an old sporting friend.

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