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Great chefs and food visionaries put their talents on display for the home cook to emulate.

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"Recipe Rehab" finds a fun way to participate in the effort to curb the rise of obesity in America with a competition that promotes the use of healthy, wholesome ingredients, and demonstrates the positive effects of healthy food choices. Each week two chefs face off in a competition to give one family's high-calorie recipe a new low-calorie twist. After the family members try out each recipe in their own kitchen, they decide their new favorite. Evette Rios hosts.
Just because a particular meal tastes great doesn't mean it's good for you. Celebrity chef Jeff Henderson's mission is to make food healthier so everyone can enjoy it without having to start a diet afterward. In "Flip My Food" he goes to American towns to help people -- including local celebrities -- by teaching them how to pare high-calorie recipes to healthier, tastier versions. Henderson's goal in the half-hour episodes is to make "guilty pleasures" a little less so ... at least when it comes to food!
Julia Child melded TV and food 50 or so years ago. Now with scads of celebrity chefs, cooking shows, and networks devoted to it, cuisine is even more popular. National Geographic Channel's six-hour miniseries salutes its history, science and culture. Each episode tackles a central theme: revolutionaries, meat, sugar, seafood, junk food, and grains -- with stories and reflections by a smorgasbord of chefs, authors, scientists, etc. Interviewees include Padma Lakshmi, Nigella Lawson, Simon Majumdar, Rachael Ray, Marcus Samuelsson, Anna Boiardi and Graham Elliot.