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The privileged lives led by the "in" crowd at an elite Manhattan high school are chronicled in this reality series, from the shopping, studying and dating to the expensive vacations they take and the exclusive midnight parties they attend. The series introduces viewers to the teens' families, their boyfriends and girlfriends of the moment, and the fringe players such as trainers, college advisers and stylists, while measuring the effect the pressure of high expectations can sometimes have on even the most confident kids.

Latest episodes

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Seniors PC and Jessie bid each other an explosive farewell; Sebastian asks Kelli to sing at his charity event; Jessie's benefit generates buzz.
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Camille visits Harvard and tries to get Kelli interested in attending college; PC's constant partying worries Jessie.
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The students attend Fashion Week events; PC argues with Jessie at fashion designer Pamella Roland's show; Sebastian's slick moves leave Kelli unimpressed.
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Kelli works on her singing career; Taylor has her hands full with school work, dance classes and social activities; PC's photography internship lands him in front of the camera.
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Taylor chooses between Cole and Sebastian; Camille hosts a drama-filled dinner party; PC insults both Kelli and Jessie.
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Jessie vacations in Florida, but cannot stop thinking about PC; PC parties in Cancun; Kelli goes to the Hamptons; Camille and Taylor remain in the City.
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Taylor must choose between Cole and Sebastian; Camille hosts a dinner party; PC insults Kelli and Jessie.
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Prep-school seniors Jessie and PC hit New York's most exclusive spots; Camille is obsessed with getting into Harvard; Kelli falls for the charms of playboy Sebastian.

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