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Gallery Girls

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"Gallery Girls" follows seven women who tackle the cutthroat art world in New York while vying for their dream jobs. They share a passion for art but are divided by differing views and tastes about fashion, art and guys (partly because of cultural differences between their boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn). Among the featured women: Atlanta native Chantal Chadwick began working in the art industry after an injury ended her dancing career; Liz Margulies, daughter of a renowned collector, has overcome drug addiction to earn a demanding internship in the industry; and ambitious Maggie Schaffter, a native of Easton, Pa., struggles with the cutthroat environment of Manhattan, where she now lives.

Latest episodes

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Chantal goes to Paris with her boyfriend; Claudia is left by herself at the EOC; Amy's deadline is running out; Kerri struggles to make a decision.
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Liz confronts Claudia and Chantal; Maggie's rowdy crowd at the club annoys Liz; Amy's dad's news threatens her lifestyle.
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Amy offers her help in planning a pop-up gallery after facing a career setback; Liz invites Maggie and Angela to her father's art warehouse, and Chantel and Claudia show up uninvited.
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Claudia and Chantal's event gets out of control; Maggie's family wants her to quit Eli's gallery.
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Kerri invites the girls to a housewarming party; Amy tries to resolve her issues with Liz; Maggie's boyfriend takes her out for her birthday.
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Chantal and Claudia put on a new show to pay bills; Amy and Kerri must choose a piece of artwork; Liz meets her father for dinner; Maggie and Amy get into a heated discussion.
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The End of Century gallery is a mess before opening; Maggie is assigned tedious tasks for her internship.
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Kerri lands an art internship; Chantal and Claudia prepare to open their own gallery; Amy has too much to drink at an after-party and makes the ladies uncomfortable.

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