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North Woods Law

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Danger and drama are around every bend for elite workers of the Maine Warden Service, who are followed in this series as they navigate the Pine Tree State's rugged terrain during a busy and risk-filled hunting season. Whether they're tracking bears on mountain ranges, busting drunken drivers on ATVs, working undercover stings, or rescuing wayward woodsmen, these wardens risk their lives to protect animals and serve the people of Maine. The series also highlights fish and game officers in New Hampshire, who work tirelessly to preserve and protect the natural resources of the Granite State. The region's wild, rugged landscape attracts thousands of outdoors enthusiasts and makes the officers work diverse and demanding.

Latest episodes

aired 6 days ago
A stolen ATV steers Parker through a maze of suspects; Carter races to a domestic violence dispute; Marquis and Fitzpatrick set up a sting for a suspected night hunter.
aired 13 days ago
Fair chase - hunting without bait - is the law in Maine; Sergeant Simmons and Warden McKenney hunt down brothers allegedly baiting wildlife and hunting at night; Warden Carter tracks down a father who is teaching his son the wrong way to hunt.
aired 16 days ago
Officer Glen Lucas treks to the summit of Mount Washington to rescue an injured hiker; officers track down a trio of possible deer poachers; officer Ron Arsenault investigates a tip about an illegal bobcat trapper.
VOD available
Officer Fluette and Moxie attend their graduation; Officer Holmes and trainee McDermott investigate a possible illegal bait site and run a decoy operation with Officer Egan; Sgt. Lucas checks on a moose with odd behavior.
VOD available
In a special episode, Officer Eric Hannett and fellow conservation officers look back at their wildest animal encounters and the moments they never saw coming.
aired 20 days ago
Officer Jim Cyrs and Lt. Saunders rush to the scene of an ATV accident; Officer James Benvenuti works with K-9 Cora to track down a suspect; Officer Eric Hannett gets backup from Lieutenant Bill Boudreau when dealing with a suspicious fisherman.
VOD available
Lt. Bill Boudreau investigates a complaint about a man illegally feeding bears; Officer Jon Demler pulls over a swerving car, only to find himself in the middle of a domestic dispute; the dive team searches for a man who may have drowned in Kingston.
VOD available
Lt. Boudreau and Officer Hannett pursue a night hunter; Officers Canfield and St. Pierre battle the snow to work a deer decoy; Officer Frye wrestles an aggressive wild turkey.
VOD available
Officer Canfield responds to a call about an orphaned bear cub; Sgt. Lucas pays an unexpected visit to a hunter suspected of illegal baiting; Officer Cyrs investigates a large buck shot by a young, nervous hunter during muzzle-loader season.
VOD available
Officer Egan sets up a decoy and checks hunters at a popular bird hunting site; Officers Towne and Bronson help rescue an injured hiker on Mount Kearsarge; Lt. Boudreau and Officer MacFadzen respond to a call about hunting on private property.
VOD available
Up north, Sgt. Lucas checks duck hunters; down south, Officer Benvenuti and trainee Crouse question a man suspected of hunting over bait; Sgt. Lucas and Officer Holmes attempt to free a cub stuck inside a trap before its mother returns.
aired 23 days ago
Officers McKee and Pushee confront two hunters lying about illegally baiting deer; Officer Arsenault deals with a tight-lipped teenage fisherman who refuses to provide any information.
aired 27 days ago
An ATV accident on a mountain summit happens in the middle of the night; reuniting an exotic pet with its owner; a hunter is suspected of illegally baiting bears.
VOD available
Sgt. Hawks and Officer Benvenuti supervise Trainee Frye's lobster trap detail; Officer Lucas and Trainee McDermott deal with a woman illegally keeping a wild squirrel; Officer Delisle and Biologist Marchand investigate the deaths of multiple turtles.
airs in 8 days
Officer Glen Lucas intervenes when a black bear cub gets separated from its mother and wreaks havoc on a small community; as heavy rains cause rivers to flood, Officer Eric Fluette races to rescue a man whose canoe has flipped in the rapids.
aired 30 days ago
Officers Bill Boudreau and Eric Hannett investigate a man raising alligators in the attic of his home; as night falls over the White Mountains, Officers Glenn Lucas and Eric Fluette ascend into the darkness to rescue a lost group of hikers.
aired 34 days ago
Officers help state police investigate a missing persons case; a landowner needs help with a group of squatters; aiding an injured hawk.
VOD available
Officer Canfield breaks up a 45-year-old illegal fishing tournament; Officer MacFadzen rescues an injured hawk; Officer Hannett confronts two kids riding OHRVs on the road; on Mt. Chocorua, officers rescue a woman with a fractured ankle.
aired 35 days ago
Wardens McKenney and Robertson find themselves perplexed as they investigate a night hunting complaint; Warden MacCabe finds an illegal bear hunter; K9 Tundra searches for a missing elderly man with dementia in the cold.
aired 37 days ago
A hunter is too close to a school and damaging property; investigating reports of a bear being fed in a residential area; questioning a man about illegal owl parts.
aired 41 days ago
An officer races to get a driver under the influence off the road; two teenagers joyride in an ATV; evacuating an injured hiker.

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