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Wild Justice

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On foot, by car or off-road vehicle, by plane or by boat, the California Game Wardens -- 240 in all -- patrol the state's 159,000 square miles, pursuing poachers, polluters and drug runners around the clock while making sure hunters and anglers follow the rules. No two days are alike, and each is adventure-filled as the officers, working alone or with a canine companion, often patrol sparsely populated areas where help can be hours away.

Latest episodes

aired 633 days ago
Wardens track down a man wanted in Oregon; rescuing a cow from quicksand; bear cubs are rescued from a dumpster; illegal bear hunt.
aired 633 days ago
Poachers are shooting deer in a residential neighborhood; an encounter with a wanted man with a cache of sex toys.
aired 633 days ago
The wardens hunt down an interstate trophy buck poacher and rescue a dog on the verge of death from rattlesnake venom.
aired 649 days ago
Commercial fishermen attempt some pre-season plundering; the wardens go undercover to stop the illegal sale of an exotic African animal.
aired 650 days ago
An inhumane bobcat trapper; orphaned baby bobcats; poaching raid in the black market; a dead mountain lion.
aired 650 days ago
Investigating a marijuana growing operation; a gold miner illegally dredges a river; a convicted felon is arrested for weapons possession.
aired 651 days ago
"Thrill kill" poacher; a mother bear protecting her cubs; a dolphin is rescued.
aired 651 days ago
Poachers that operate out of nail salons and massage parlors.
aired 652 days ago
The wardens go on the hunt for bear hunters who may be illegally selling bear gall bladders and storm the house of suspected sturgeon poachers.
aired 675 days ago
The wardens hunt down a ruthless poacher.
aired 824 days ago
As bear hibernation season approaches the effects of poaching are felt across the country.
aired 826 days ago
The officers try to rescue a couple that have plunged over a cliff in their car; a major marijuana grow threatens a river.
aired 827 days ago
California's Game Wardens work to keep the state's wilderness safe.
aired 916 days ago
Wardens attempt to catch poachers at night, get embroiled in a family feud and bring down an illegal marijuana grow.
aired 916 days ago
Wardens track a group of pig poachers; a woman is caught feeding bears; Warden Boyd confronts a man who is shooting at a deer in his garden.
aired 923 days ago
Three wardens act on a report of a large alligator who has taken up residence in a lake recreation area.
aired 923 days ago
A Marijuana Eradication Team work to capture Mexican cartel members who are growing marijuana on a remote mountain.
aired 923 days ago
A teens' wild rave party hard leads to a shooting spree; a deer is attacked by a dog.
aired 937 days ago
Wardens track down the online sales of piranhas; suspected red abalone poachers flee.
aired 937 days ago
After receiving information from an informant, the wardens raid a remote ranch and confront a poacher.
aired 937 days ago
Investigating abalone poaching; Lt. Nores uses a bear rug to make an arrest; a man is suspected of decapitating deer.

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