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True-crime stories about murders that take place among close-knit groups of people, including coworkers, neighbors and community members.

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In Texarkana, Ark., a murder within a square dancing community leads investigators through a gauntlet of suspects with alibis and potential motives, including love, jealousy and money.
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Reunited family members begin to point fingers at each other after a house fire kills one of their own; somewhere in the ashes are the clues to a murder.
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A girls' movie night leads to a not-so-happy ending for a group of college roommates; police investigate a murder that leads them halfway across the state in search of the killer.
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Close-knit coworkers are devastated when one of their own is found dead near a soccer field at the edge of their quiet Indiana town; investigators ask whether this murder was a random act of violence.
aired 95 days ago
After a friend and coworker goes missing on a desolate mountain, detectives must sort through a list of tight-knit colleagues with potential motives for murder; one of them has crucial information that will lead to a killer among them.
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In Jacksonville, Fla., a quaint neighborhood seems like an unlikely place for any crime at all, let alone murder; this community's open-door policy may be a little too open.

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For better and worse, a work environment represents a microcosm of society. While lifelong friendships are formed at a job, and perhaps it's a place where people even meet their future spouses, working alongside others also increases the likelihood that creeps may be close by. "The Killer Beside Me" exposes the dark underbelly of workplace relations, where romantic rivalries and power plays culminate in murders. Cinematic re-enactments form the basis of the true stories, and interviews with family and friends of victims and law enforcement personnel lend support.