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Mine Hunters

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Renowned gem hunter Guy Clutterbuck has put together an elite team to mine rubies, emeralds, sapphires and all manner of precious stones. The group of strangers -- an Aussie miner, an American engineer, an American gold prospector and explosives expert, and a British ex-Army mechanic -- risks their own money, time and reputations on Clutterbuck's promise of adventure, gems and big profits. Traveling from muddy pit mines of Madagascar to mountain caves of Colombia to the Arctic landscape of Greenland, the team takes on the elements, terrain, and even each other on their epic mission.

Latest episodes

aired 134 days ago
The Mine Kings travel to Masai land in Tanzania on the hunt for a small-scale ethical mine that produces Africa's infamous Pink Garnets.
aired 134 days ago
The Mine Kings travel to Sri Lanka to hunt for a small-scale ethical mine that could produce a rare sapphire.
aired 134 days ago
A team of miners begin a search for the world's most precious gems, beginning in Colombia where they hunt for a Chivor emerald.
aired 141 days ago
The Mine Kings travel to Zambia to find an ethical small-scale mine producing the double blue aquamarine.
aired 141 days ago
The Mine Kings venture into Zambia to find a small-scale mine that could produce the purest emeralds.
aired 141 days ago
The Mine Kings touch down in Greenland, in search of vast ruby deposits buried in the oldest rock on Earth; John shows local miners who are allowed to mine their own land for the first time how to pan for rubies.
aired 253 days ago
The Mine Kings travel to Madagascar, heading to a single mine which can produce sapphires of each of the seven colors of the rainbow.
aired 260 days ago
The Mine Kings journey to Lightning Ridge in search of a small-scale mine that could potentially yield a rare opal.

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