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Gold Rush: Parker's Trail

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Despite striking it rich mining in his home state of Alaska, "Gold Rush" star Parker Schnabel isn't satisfied. He's always wondered if he could follow in the footsteps of his forebears and take on the legendary Klondike Gold Rush trail. Wonder no more. In honor of his family -- especially his beloved grandfather, who always inspired him to push beyond his limits -- Parker attempts to mimic a journey that killed thousands of brave souls in the late 19th century. As winter closes in, he begins the trek across the Coastal Range and works his way to the fabled goldfields of the Klondike. He's joined by his foreman, Rick Ness; wilderness guide Karla Ann, who once worked with Parker as a rock truck driver; and cameramen James Levelle, who has known Parker for years.

Latest episodes

aired 52 days ago
Parker reveals new details and makes surprising revelations about his epic gold mining expedition in Papua New Guinea; candid interviews and never-before-seen footage expose the highs and lows of the trail; with added facts and bonus scenes.
aired 59 days ago
At the end of his journey through Papua New Guinea, Parker heads into the jungle on a prospecting mission to find gold for the locals; Parker is pushed to his limits when he encounters landslides and hostile locals; with added facts and bonus scenes.
aired 66 days ago
Parker sources a nine-ton backhoe to remove heavy boulders from a legendary lost gold mine; traversing the treacherous mountain terrain may put all of Parker's heavy machinery skills to the test; with added facts and bonus scenes.
aired 73 days ago
Parker and his team encounter violent locals as they set out to find a gold mine abandoned during World War II by Mick Leahy; Parker acquires a sluice box to test the pay dirt and teach the locals how to find gold; with added facts and bonus scenes.
aired 80 days ago
Volatile conditions outside the huge Porgera mine send Parker and crew exploring nearby towns where they witness the locals' illegal techniques used to procure gold.
aired 81 days ago
Parker and his team are at Edie Creek in Papua New Guinea where they discover members of the Kukukuku tribe are using mercury to extract their gold; Parker builds a device to contain the poisonous gases; with added facts and bonus scenes.
aired 94 days ago
With added facts and bonus scenes: Parker and his team hike through the mountains, up 7,000 feet to Edie Creek, the site of the biggest gold rush of the 20th century; while helping some locals, a sudden landslide puts Parker in danger.
aired 101 days ago
Parker Schnabel and his team are prospecting in Papua New Guinea; their journey begins with wreck diving for the TBF Avenger, trekking through the hot jungle and exploring abandoned WWII tunnels; with insider facts and bonus scenes.
aired 102 days ago
Parker flies in a restored Avenger warplane, reliving his Grandpa John's experience during World War II; the team meets with a new recruit before setting out for the jungles of Papua New Guinea; with added facts and bonus scenes.
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After narrowly escaping the jungles of Guyana, Parker and his crew reunite to tell previously untold stories about their jaw-dropping experiences with deadly wildlife, physical ailments and extreme weather.

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