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Outback Opal Hunters

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Following six teams across Australia as they search for the country's most iconic gemstone.

Latest episodes

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Daniel returns to Coober Pedy a new Dad, determined to find more white opal; Col raises the stakes, forking out thousands on an ancient and dangerous exploration rig; the Opal Queen and her Dad battle the clock, the weather and a deadly cactus.
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Pete and Mick's mining operation grinds to a sudden halt, while Col's Crew heads underground; the Rookies are in despair until mentor John Dunstan steps in with a last-minute lifeline.
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Rookies Justin and Daniel tread a dangerous path underground in Coober Pedy, while father and daughter mining team Kelly and Al race to stake a claim in Lightning Ridge in an attempt to turn their fortunes around.
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In South Australia, rookie miners Daniel Becker and Justin Lang leave their lives behind, risking all to chase an opal fortune.
airs in 9 days
Desperate to move more rock, the Rookies get a lesson in the dangerous art of bomb making; Al and Kelly's lease is up; Col returns to action after a health scare.
airs in 2 days
It's brother vs. brother as Peter and Mick Cooke go head-to-head in an epic scrapheap challenge to build a monster opal-hunting machine; the Rookies are forced to start hunting at night.

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