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Million Dollar Mile

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Contestants have the chance to win $1 million every time they run the Million Dollar Mile. Standing in their way is the most challenging course ever designed and a group of elite athletes with one mission: to stop the contestants from winning the money at all costs. Tim Tebow, former college football champion and NFL quarterback, serves as host of the high-stakes physical competition series. Matt "Money" Smith, the voice of the L.A. Chargers play-by-play, and Maria Taylor, ESPN host and reporter, serve as commentators.

Latest episodes

VOD available
A Harvard football player and a Harvard medical student go head-to-head; a man tries to destroy his opponent's perfect record.
VOD available
Contestants include a contortionist and a family man.
aired 69 days ago
A father of quadruplets faces "The Captain"; a green beret who holds the record for most podium finishes in the Spartan Race World Championships; a former ballerina goes toe to toe with an obstacle course racing professional.
aired 69 days ago
A yoga instructor and Trevor "Spiderman" Bell tackle the course.
aired 75 days ago
A yoga instructor faces a defender who has competed in 54 triathlons; Trevor Bell, nicknamed "Spiderman," attempts to outrun "The Sheriff," pound for pound the fastest man on the planet.
aired 76 days ago
A former college quarterback attempts to outrun the youngest Spartan Race winner ever; a professional dancer goes toe-to-toe with a six-time obstacle course race world champion.
aired 78 days ago
Contestants are given a two-minute head start as they face off against a group of elite athletes whose goal is to defend the million-dollar prize.
airs in 12 days
Elite athletes face a course that challenges their physical and mental toughness, earning $1 million if they successfully complete it; Tim Tebow hosts.
airs in 5 days
Contestants include a Pilates instructor and a parkour expert.
VOD available
A former women's college basketball player and a self-taught gymnast compete.