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Showcasing self-proclaimed mini-golf lovers from around the country as they compete head-to-head through an epic obstacle golf course. In each episode, contestants put their miniature golf -- and physical -- skills to the test and face off in never-before-seen challenges on a supersized miniature golf course. Rob Riggle and Joe Tessitore serve as on-camera commentators, while Jeannie Mai reports from the sideline. NBA superstar Stephen Curry serves as an executive producer and resident golf pro.

Latest episodes

aired 352 days ago
Two contestants have trouble with Dutch Courage's giant windmills; a mom of two has a pre-competition ritual that includes drinking champagne; a contestant challenges the putt count of his opponent; professional golfer Michelle Wie guest commentates.
aired 360 days ago
An experienced player faces off against a recreational mini-golf player; a math teacher goes head-to-head with a product spokesmodel; an honest contestant self-reports an accidental tap that costs him an extra stroke; a summer beach party pops up.
aired 367 days ago
One contestant brings her dog to the course; a legendary actor stops by to help commentate; a trio of jump ropers serves as a distraction.
aired 372 days ago
A New Jersey contestant faces off with a California native; a mini-golf trick shot artist shows off his skills; a mime distracts two competitors, scaring Rob Riggle in the process; a competitor loses her grip on the infamous zipline.
aired 380 days ago
The "Dutch Courage" windmills claim a new victim; two grandmothers face off on "Caddysmack"; a yo-yo champion trades in his yo-yo for a putter.
aired 388 days ago
A stay-at-home mom faces a former pro-golfer; a self-proclaimed math nerd hopes his geometry background will impress Stephen Curry; a world record holder for most holes of mini-golf played in 24 hours tries his hand on Surf or Turf.
aired 395 days ago
Two contestants face off in a sudden death tiebreaker on the Surf or Turf hole; a surprise award-winning actor calls plays during a round at the Arc De Trigolf.
aired 409 days ago
Famous professional mini-golfer Robin Ventura tackles the course; a spill leaves one player temporarily unable to see his putt through to the finish line.
aired 413 days ago
A celebrity guest makes an appearance on The Distractor hole in an attempt to distract the putters and break their focus.
VOD available
The "president of mini-golf"; a competitor who holds a blue belt in Brazilian jiujitsu; a contestant who loves applesauce.
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A yoga instructor and a businesswoman face The Distractor; an ice cream entrepreneur and a professional wrestler compete on Buns & Wieners; two self-identified cat people take on Water Hazard; Greg Louganis and Steve Guttenberg guest judge.
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Competitors include two transplants from Poland, a former world-ranked professional golfer, a model, a British stuntman, a man with magical whiskers, a cat lady, and a longtime putting hopeful; Greg Louganis and Steve Guttenberg guest judge.
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Chris Harrison swings by the course; eight single mini-golfers see if they can hit it off while they tee it off, hoping to fall in love before they fall into the icy water; difficult ball placements on hole number two lead to trick shot attempts.
VOD available
Two Texans take on Uranus; a professional golfer and a golf instructor face off on Putt the Plank with the help of Jon Lovitz; a hardcore mini golfer and a motivational speaker zoom through Polecano.
VOD available
Celebrity friends cheer on a competitor on Slip N' Putt; mini golf meets baseball on The Distractor; a competitor faces off against an opponent dubbed "Mister Mini Golf"; a twist sends one contestant into the final round on Double Dutch Courage.
VOD available
A bartender and government official face off against not only each other but also two massive rubber ducks on Putter Ducky; a social media influencer and beatboxer take on the second Distractor of the season.
VOD available
A professional author faces off with an aspiring professional golfer; contestants need to ride the mechanical gopher mascot, Sir Goph, before even attempting a putt; the finalists battle it out for a chance to continue to the grand finale.
VOD available
A former professional golfer tees up against a scrapbooking queen on the Putter Ducky hole; a professional model and revenge-seeking husband flip out after their diving skills are scored by Olympian Greg Louganis and actor Steve Guttenberg.
VOD available
A contestant tries her hardest to literally jump the shark; fan-favorite windmill wipeouts; two zip-line mishaps.

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