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Mighty Magiswords

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Clumsy siblings Vambre and Prohyas run a warriors-for-hire business. The warriors are always ready to take on quests, using their trusted magiswords -- mystical weapons that are able to do things like fly and spit seeds to help their users win their battles. With the magiswords vital to their success, Vambre and Prohyas head out on adventures around the world to acquire more swords to add to their collection.

Latest episodes

aired 284 days ago
The Warriors fear that they've been ignoring their pals, so they team up with Witchy Simone and Noville for a big mission, only to discover that their friends aren't into it anymore.
aired 285 days ago
A doctor orders Mr. Pachydermus to have an adventure, so he attends the Warriors' super-annoying Fantasy Camp.
VOD available
The Warriors battle a monster version of Hoppus, the rabbit transformed by the Cursed Garlic Magisword.
aired 286 days ago
Vambre becomes enamored of a poltergeist within Ghost Magisword, and Prohyas must save her before his sister becomes a ghost herself.
aired 286 days ago
Monkey Chunks has the hiccups, so Biblia Tick hires the Warriors to get rid of them.
aired 287 days ago
Frostferatu hires the Warriors to rid his castle of Zombeez when Neddy and a power-mad zombie-bee queen take over.
aired 287 days ago
Lady Hiss hires the Warriors to train her to be supertough.
aired 288 days ago
Flonk hires the Warriors to make Witch Way change his brother Helmut from a frog back to human.
aired 288 days ago
The Warriors easily thwart Phil's latest plan with Legendary Knowledge Magisword, so Phil repeatedly tries to steal it from them.
aired 291 days ago
The Warriors struggle to keep poise at Princess Zange's exclusive party, but all bets are off when a feud with Witch Way escalates into a Magic vs. Magiswords war.
VOD available
After a misfire with Fishstick Magisword, Prohyas copes with completing Warrior missions as a fish stick.
VOD available
Phibby Croax hires the Warriors for the most extreme experience ever.
aired 292 days ago
The Warriors go on a mission to find missing Sailor Sidney for the Keelhaul Cove Pirates.
aired 293 days ago
Bimm and Familiar shadow the Warriors on a mission in the Sheepy Jungle, but put under such close scrutiny, the Warriors find that they are unable to be themselves.
aired 293 days ago
With the help of a conch shell genie, Man Fish upgrades himself in various ways to defeat the Warriors.
aired 294 days ago
Professor Cyrus hires the Warriors to take Frank-Paul through a treacherous mountain pass so he can molt at the top of Mt. Chickicken.
aired 294 days ago
Vambre helps to get Bimm over her mission-crippling fear of water.
aired 295 days ago
The Warriors go advertising crazy; Grup tries to stop them for their own good.
aired 295 days ago
Witchy Simone accidentally turns Vambre into a frog, and Prohyas and Witchy try to change her back.
aired 642 days ago
The search for a mythical creature gets rather metaphysical when the equally elusive Cattus assists the mission.
aired 643 days ago
The Warriors must use a Legendary Magisword to defeat a giant king who wants to eat celebrities; this proves difficult when being eaten by the King makes Vambre feel very small.

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