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Men Into Space

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A man's experience and problems in outer space.

Latest episodes

aired 464 days ago
An astronomer on the moon gets appendicitis on Christmas day.
aired 471 days ago
The ability of women to handle the rigors of spaceflight is studied.
aired 478 days ago
A mission to test of a new alloy to be used for re-entry goes wrong, and the ship is lost.
aired 485 days ago
A geologic explosion damages the ship's reserve oxygen tanks.
aired 492 days ago
Dr. Croydon is marooned on an asteroid that strays near the Earth.
aired 499 days ago
A mission is sent to rescue a spaceship whose crew is unconscious.
aired 506 days ago
Col. McCauley must gather his crew, separated by a moonquake.
aired 513 days ago
An unmanned, nuclear-powered rocket goes out of control and heads for the moon.
aired 520 days ago
One of Col. McCauley's crewmen suffers a heart attack on the moon.
aired 527 days ago
An emergency arises during the building of the first space station.
aired 534 days ago
Col. McCauley and his crew become the first men to land on the moon.
aired 541 days ago
Accidents and technical issues put the first mission to Mars in jeopardy.
aired 547 days ago
An accident affecting McCauley's oxygen forces him to abort his mission to Asteroid 78-1.
aired 547 days ago
A life-threatening situation on space station Astra forces the astronauts to push their limits.
aired 548 days ago
A strange object in space appears to be a meteor until it starts changing direction.
aired 554 days ago
A scientist goes over McCauley's head to be included on a mission to retrieve a Venus probe.
aired 554 days ago
McCauley takes a geophysical mission to the moon after a survey mission finds an unusual rock formation, but McCauley's team begins to wonder whether they are alone.
aired 554 days ago
A random meteor fragment leads to an incredible discovery.
aired 555 days ago
McCauley is assigned to observe and assist the British space program.
aired 561 days ago
McCauley, on the space station, learns his son has been injured and that the driver of the vehicle that hit him is also on duty in the space station.
aired 561 days ago
Crew selection for an important mission is complicated when one of the candidates is a woman.

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