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America's Secret Space Heroes

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When people think of American space travel, the first names that come to their minds are usually the likes of Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride. Like with most massive projects like NASA's, there are a number of people behind the scenes who work tirelessly to get to the point where astronauts can go into space. Those people, however, aren't household names like the folks who blast off on the space shuttles. This series profiles the secret heroes, engineers who helped build the spacecraft and other instruments that have allowed astronauts to launch into space to explore the world beyond what's visible from Earth. The show reveals the stories behind how they created such machines as the Saturn V moon rocket and the Hubble Space Telescope.

Latest episodes

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The story of the engineers who created the world's first reusable space vehicle.
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The engineers who built the Apollo Lunar Module, which allowed astronauts to land on the moon and then launch back into orbit.
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Project Viking set out to create a Mars lander with a miniature laboratory designed to travel more than 500 times the distance from Earth to the moon.
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The inside story of the Hubble Space Telescope that almost broke NASA; the engineers behind its creation tell their story and how they staked their careers on repairing it.
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Engineers come together to create the International Space Station, humanity's first permanent outpost in space; the largest space structure ever created.
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The engineers who designed and built Saturn V, the rocket that made JFK's dream to put a man on the moon a reality.

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