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Match Made in Heaven

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Pastor Ken Johnson guides bachelors as they search for true love.

Latest episodes

aired 537 days ago
The choice between the three final women tears Stevie's heart; Stevie shocks all by pulling out a diamond ring.
aired 538 days ago
The final three women fight for Stevie's heart; a storm derails Roxie from a first kiss; Christina and Kimmy make a last ditch effort.
aired 539 days ago
The ladies get a surprise visit from their moms but chaos ensues; the daughters write their wedding vows.
aired 540 days ago
Stevie and Elle travel to Atlanta; Elle and Medgie have a violent confrontation; Stevie is appalled by secret footage.
aired 541 days ago
Turmoil erupts during a steamy spa day with Stevie; Momma Lola watches a private date; mom and they women get more than they bargained for.
aired 542 days ago
The women play dirty in a fierce football game to win a date with Stevie; someone sabotages a dream date.
aired 543 days ago
The women choose between a heavenly or late night date with Stevie; Mackenzi struggles with a secret.
aired 544 days ago
The ladies arrive and settle in when they learn that Stevie's mom has been undercover, watching everything since they entered the house.
aired 901 days ago
Shawn makes his final decision leaving one woman happy, another devastated and one shocked when he pulls out a ring.
aired 902 days ago
Competition ignites when the final three women get down and dirty during their one on one dates; sudden accident derails Angela while Jade and Cristina speed down the aisle toward Shawn's heart.
aired 903 days ago
Shawn meets his prospective mother-in-laws when the moms of the remaining five women move in. Mecca and Jade clash; a house blowout pushes Momma Maggie to her breaking point.
aired 904 days ago
Dirty secrets are exposed; compromising photos, scandals and affairs; Pastor J gives Nes an ultimatum; an intoxicated Angela ambushes Mecca during a house barbecue; Momma Maggie wants Shawn's ex-girlfriend out.
aired 905 days ago
All of the ladies despise Shawn's ex-girlfriend.

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