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The Millionaire Matchmaker

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Matchmaker Patti Stanger struggles to keep her own personal life on track while running her matchmaking business, Millionaire's Club, which is dedicated to helping wealthy and demanding men and women find the mate of their dreams. She uses every trick she can think of to assist her clients in finding Mr. or Miss Right. Each episode features two clients on dates arranged by Patti and her team. Episodes also detail Stanger's own difficulty in finding a mate for life. She has been engaged but never made it far enough in a relationship to actually walk down the aisle. Not yet, at least.

Latest episodes

aired 116 days ago
Patti helps former Philadelphia Eagle Freddie Mitchell; Patti reluctantly offers Stacy a second chance.
aired 116 days ago
A Hello Kitty fanatic loves her dogs; Patti worries that a commitment-phobic entrepreneur has anger issues.
aired 116 days ago
Patti is leery of a man who is after young, moldable guys; a woman believes she intimidates men.
aired 116 days ago
Patti is excited to help media queen Judith Regan; a workaholic looks for love.
aired 116 days ago
TV personality Caroline Manzo ("The Real Housewives of New Jersey") wants Patti to set up her two sons, Albie and Chris.
aired 116 days ago
Deciding to make a big change, Patti Stanger moves to the Big Apple.
aired 120 days ago
Patti turns her attention towards two new clients Daniel and Chris.
aired 121 days ago
Grammy-nominated jazz musician Jeff joins the Millionaire's Club; Patti diagnoses Jeff with "Divorced-dad-itus"; Harold returns to the Millionaire's Club and Patti gives him a "dating intervention."
aired 122 days ago
An extroverted CEO and an introverted advertising executive look to matchmaker Patti Stanger for help; Rachel fails to bring in the right girls for the recruiting session.
aired 123 days ago
Patti hires Destin's girlfriend, Rachel, as an assistant; Patti is excited to learn about a new client named Heidi who happens to be a millionaire; hotel executive Bill is interested in finding love with a younger woman.
aired 126 days ago
Patti hits the town with visiting girlfriends from Miami; Patti tries to squeeze social activities into a public relations guru's busy calendar and helps a risque Las Vegas hypnotist.
aired 127 days ago
Patti diagnoses Brett, a 28-year-old CEO, with attention-deficit disorder when it comes to dating; David suffers from what Patti calls narcissistic personality disorder.
aired 128 days ago
Patti sets up a real estate developer from Las Vegas with the owner of a model and talent agency in Los Angeles.
aired 129 days ago
A recruiting session for millionaires Robby and Brendan turns into a comedy of errors as an eclectic group of women parades through the Millionaire's Club offices.
aired 130 days ago
Self-made real estate mogul Joseph and millionaire Xander seek love; Chelsea gets up the nerve to ask Patti for a long-overdue raise.
aired 134 days ago
Patti and her staff minister to three new millionaires; Patti admits to her mother that her own love life has been strained due to her long working hours.
aired 135 days ago
Patti needs her sales staff to pick up the pace in recruiting new millionaires; when Patti hears about Lonnie and Patrick, two millionaires who are considering joining the club, she heads off to meet them and close the deal.
aired 136 days ago
Jeff, a "wanna-be" aging rocker, and Julien mingle with a mix of handpicked women at a Japanese restaurant in the Hollywood Hills.
aired 137 days ago
Patti Stanger and her office staff help successful men find their prospective wives.
aired 154 days ago
A beach bum millionaire does not want to grow up; a romance novel cover queen.
aired 154 days ago
Clients include a judgmental business owner and a heavy drinker from Brooklyn.

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