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Liberty's Kids

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Children learn about the beginning of democracy in America.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
The gang reports on a sea monster in New York harbor, then meets submarine inventor David Bushnell.
aired 2 days ago
James, Sarah and Henri meet Thomas Paine and hear his beliefs on the common man and independence.
aired 3 days ago
Patriot mail falls into British hands; James and Sarah evade British troops while carrying important letters to New York.
aired 4 days ago
Washington organizes the Continental Army; James goes with Henry Knox to retrieve cannons at Fort Ticonderoga.
aired 7 days ago
James witnesses the battle at Bunker Hill; Sarah searches for a British officer; Henri is a messenger.
aired 8 days ago
James unknowingly befriends a British spy; Sarah and Moses help fix George Washington's carriage.
aired 9 days ago
James learns about the settlers' struggles in the New Hampshire Grants; Sarah looks for a place to settle in the Green Mountains.
aired 10 days ago
James, from the view of the Minutemen, and Sarah, who's with the British forces, report on the "shot heard 'round the world" at Lexington.
aired 11 days ago
Sarah and James deliver a message to Dr. Joseph Warren in Boston.
aired 14 days ago
James, Sarah, Henri and Moses witness Patrick Henry's speech in Virginia; Moses tries to save his brother from a slave auction.
aired 15 days ago
James learns about mob rule when a British sailor is tarred and feathered; Sarah and Henri meet Abigail Adams.
aired 16 days ago
While in hiding, Sarah hears the stories of poet Phyllis Wheatley and learns about slavery.
aired 17 days ago
Ben Franklin, Moses and James discover disguised colonists raiding the tea-laden ship that Sarah is aboard.
aired 18 days ago
Moses resolves to open a school for free black children; Sarah reunites with her parents; the Constitution.
aired 21 days ago
Sarah resolves to fight for civil rights; Ben Franklin hopes King George will surrender the colonies after the battle at Yorktown.
aired 22 days ago
Mrs. Radcliffe tells Sarah the fate of the loyalists; Lafayette invites Henri to live with him in France; Ben Franklin returns from Europe.
aired 23 days ago
James tells Sarah and Henri of an attempted military coup; Washington offers his resignation to Congress.
aired 25 days ago
Moses' brother fights for the British; Moses joins the American mining corps to search for his brother; battle of Yorktown.
aired 28 days ago
Sarah and Henri worry about the fate of slave James Armistead; James follows Washington and Henry Knox; Moses learns his brother Cato is fighting with Cornwallis.
aired 29 days ago
James and Henri follow the efforts of Gen. Nathanael Greene; Sarah's enraged when she finds out Thomas Jefferson keeps slaves.
aired 30 days ago
Sarah meets Deborah Samson; James and Henri witness arguments between Gens. Washington and Rochambeau.

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