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Lawless Oceans With Karsten von Hoesslin

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"How do I solve homicides with no bodies, no evidence and no forensics?" asks special investigator Karsten von Hoesslin, who found himself in such a predicament while trying to piece together the truth behind a quadruple murder at sea. In 2014, cellphone footage from a mysterious address in Fiji goes viral. The 10-minute clip shows four men clinging to wreckage in the middle of the ocean. Then, one by one, the men are brutally shot and killed. No one knows exactly where it happened, why, or who committed these crimes. In "Lawless Oceans," von Hoesslin relentlessly pursues clues and angles, tracks down and interviews eyewitnesses, material witnesses and families of the victims, and seeks the support of fellow experts to determine who is responsible. Along the way -- painting a dark, grim picture of lawless international oceans -- he encounters drug smuggling, people trafficking, illegal fishing, and piracy.

Latest episodes

aired 456 days ago
Karsten follows a trail through pirate country in search of the victims' identities.
aired 463 days ago
Karsten hunts for the deckhands in the video who witnessed the killings. Will they talk?
aired 477 days ago
Karsten's investigation gets off to a rocky start in Taiwan; encountering a web of mystery in Fiji.
aired 494 days ago
On the hunt for Hoodlum, Karsten encounters threats from mysterious sources.
aired 498 days ago
Are drugs linked to these killings? Karsten heads to Mombasa to unmask Captain Hoodlum.
aired 501 days ago
Karsten tracks down more witnesses to the killings and investigates whether illegal fishing was the motive.