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Dark Waters: Murder in the Deep

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The maritime murders that take place in a lawless world on the high seas where jealousy, greed and rage rise to the surface.

Latest episodes

aired 14 days ago
Two couples arrive on the same remote and uninhabited island in the Pacific looking for paradise, but only one couple leaves; the FBI deciphers what happened years later.
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Retirees Malcolm and Lindy Robertson leave their family behind to sail the open seas together; Lindy eventually learns to love Malcolm's dream of sailing to Thailand, but paradise soon turns into an unfathomable nightmare.
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Serena Karlan is ecstatic to join her boyfriend, Bison Dele, a retired NBA basketball player, aboard his catamaran, then his estranged brother surfaces.
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Lake Erie is home to more than 2,000 shipwrecks mostly due to it's shallow bottom; local fisherman Chris Leclair navigates a double life which proves just as treacherous; he gets caught up in a net of lies after his wife uncovers his dark secret.
aired 133 days ago
When Jeff Skelton hears rumors of infidelity, he will do whatever it takes to keep his family from being pulled apart.
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Kelley Branam's husband, Jake, is a charter boat captain with high aspirations; Jake works long hours to support his family, but Kelley's suspicions run deep; out of the blue, she decides to join Jake on a charter, and she is never heard from again.
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Florence and Mark Unger love nothing more than vacationing at the lake with their two boys; life is perfect until a sports injury pulls Mark into the depths of painkiller addiction; to keep her family afloat, Florence does whatever is necessary.
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After a whirlwind romance, newlywed Karen leaves everything behind to start a dream life on the water with husband David; the dream soon turns into a nightmare as David's true colors emerge, and Karen has nowhere to run.
aired 300 days ago
Newlyweds seeking adventure set sail on a trip around the world; the honeymoon comes crashing to reality for Don when he heads to the one remote island where a serial killer could be in hiding.

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"How do I solve homicides with no bodies, no evidence and no forensics?" asks special investigator Karsten von Hoesslin, who found himself in such a predicament while trying to piece together the truth behind a quadruple murder at sea. In 2014, cellphone footage from a mysterious address in Fiji goes viral. The 10-minute clip shows four men clinging to wreckage in the middle of the ocean. Then, one by one, the men are brutally shot and killed. No one knows exactly where it happened, why, or who committed these crimes. In "Lawless Oceans," von Hoesslin relentlessly pursues clues and angles, tracks down and interviews eyewitnesses, material witnesses and families of the victims, and seeks the support of fellow experts to determine who is responsible. Along the way -- painting a dark, grim picture of lawless international oceans -- he encounters drug smuggling, people trafficking, illegal fishing, and piracy.
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What lurks in the shadows during graveyard shifts comes to light in this series, a quintessential Investigation Discovery offering that features nail-biting re-enactments of actual crimes in which darkness hides predators hungry for a midnight snack. Told through interviews with victims' family members and law enforcement, each story begins after a brutal crime is committed in the quiet of the night, and community members are left wondering who might be next. Investigators get to work, knowing that each time the sun sets, the body count might rise.
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This true-crime series tells stories of murders that have been committed against the backdrop of the rugged Alaskan wilderness. Though picturesque, the setting of the 49th state is unforgiving as are the murderers featured on the show. Each episode goes into detail about the sadistic acts of a killer, painting a psychological picture of what goes through the perpetrator's mind when committing the evil act against the victim. The crimes take place all over the state, from cities like Anchorage to a remote mountain hideaway in Manley Hot Springs.
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"Murder by Numbers" begins in a similar fashion to many true-crime series. After a body is found, an intense investigation commences, quickly turning the focus to a very likely subject. But just as the viewer eases into the case via cinematic re-enactments and through the eyes of detectives, a shocking discovery of a second body not only eliminates the original suspect, it redirects the investigation on a harrowing journey of pure criminal evil.
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Once dubbed "Wonderland" because of its immense summer beauty and grandeur, the rolling mountains and deep forests of the Pacific Northwest become a haven for a series of murders. Using stylized re-enactments and interviews with law enforcement personnel and family and friends of victims, episodes focus on a team of dedicated Portland, Ore., homicide investigators who seek answers to mysterious, disturbing murder cases. In the premiere, Det. Molly Daul realizes she is dealing with a sexual predator, whose chilling confession remains with Molly to this day. The killer then turns his sights on her, raising the stakes even higher.
"Accident, Murder, or Suicide" investigates the deaths that are just a little bit too mysterious. It explores the unbelievable true stories in this hourlong program. Each episode retraces the investigation from the start to the end. Investigators take viewers through the twists, turns, and unexpected surprises as they dissect the red flags, show evidence, and point out the strange behavior that puts everything into question.
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On the outskirts of Los Angeles lay the city's roughest neighborhoods, the stomping grounds for LAPD Detective Lindy Gligorijevicin in the late 1990s. During that time, the police department's Foothill Homicide Unit investigated hundreds of murders, but only Gligorijevic -- driven by the need to give victims a voice -- earned the moniker "the killer closer." In this series, she revisits her most shocking cases, detailing how she solved them and the ways in which she convinced cold-blooded killers to confess.
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Veteran journalist María Elena Salinas has made a name for herself in the Spanish-speaking community as a longtime news anchor on Univision. In this series, she goes from reporting the news to investigating it as she goes beyond the headlines to uncover the truth about headline-making crimes. Salinas attempts to remove the clutter that surrounds cases that were in the media spotlight and find information that the media originally missed when reporting on the stories as they were happening. In her searches, Salinas finds new evidence, gets previously unheard perspectives and provides updates to the cases.
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As opposed to its sister series "See No Evil," which details unlawful activity rooted out with the aid of surveillance cameras, "Hear No Evil" uses authentic audio recorded at crime scenes to build each episode's narrative. The recordings, captured by victims' families, investigators and the killers themselves, reconstruct the murderous acts with the aid of first-person testimony, stylized re-enactments and video archive. The result is a series that ultimately lets viewers' imaginations and instinctive fears of the unknown come to the fore.