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Drain the Oceans

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Maritime mysteries -- old and new -- come to life in this 10-episode series, combining scientific data and digital re-creations to reveal shipwrecks, treasures, and sunken cities on the bottom of lakes, seas and oceans around the world. Innovative technology allows viewers to see what lies on the floors of large bodies of water such as the Gulf of Mexico, the Nile, the Indian Ocean, the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean as if they had been drained. Then, in a quest to explain natural wonders and man-made catastrophes, stories tell of how vessels sank, what ancient geological formations reveal about life on Earth, where Nazi secrets now reside, and why so many continue to search for the legendary city of Atlantis.

Latest episodes

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Exploring evidence of underwater cities, which may be ancient archaeological sites or accidents of geology.
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Sunken ships decisively influence World War I, and the impacts even change the course of the Second World War.
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Science unlocks the secrets of the world's sunken lost cities.
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Draining the ocean reveals the Gulf of Mexico's most deadly secrets.
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The Ring of Fire is an area in the Pacific Ocean where volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis form; the ocean is drained to reveal the geological forces behind natural disasters and to uncover threats along the coast of Seattle, Tokyo and New Zealand.
aired 24 days ago
The hidden secrets of the Nazis are revealed when the oceans covering them are drained using CGI animation.
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The China seas are the most fiercely contested and mysterious waters on the planet.
aired 45 days ago
Alcatraz Island is home to a former maximum security federal prison that had a reputation for being escape proof; a profile of the prisoners who tried to escape, facing icy waters, deadly currents, disorientating fog, and fearsome predators.
aired 68 days ago
Pirates, gangsters and other villains have been swallowed up by the sea; cutting-edge technology reveals the secrets of the sea floor and exposes the shaky ground on which humans live.
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The latest technology reveals lost treasure on the high seas.
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Draining the Nile reveals lost secrets of the ancient Egyptian world.
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Draining the oceans reveals wrecks awaiting treasure hunters.
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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 goes missing, resulting in the longest, most costly search in aviation history.
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The hidden secrets of World War I's most powerful weapons are revealed by draining the North Sea.
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An investigation into Mother Nature's fury and the effects of her wrath.
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Experts study the lessons learned from air disasters to help solve the mysteries behind lost flights.
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Undersea empires and relics of their bloody wars lie beneath the waters of the world.
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The sea floor is the world's biggest tsunami machine, and its dangers have remained hidden from view -- until now.
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War, weather and human error have led to some of the worst maritime disasters in U.S. history.
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In maritime warfare, saboteurs are a silent and unseen enemy.
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The secrets of lost ancient civilizations come to light when the Mediterranean is drained.

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