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Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot

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A boy joins the fight against a terrorist group.

Latest episodes

aired 333 days ago
A sea monster destroys a Unicorn station, and if the BF Syndicate finds a decoder left there, members will know the locations of all of the Unicorn hideouts.
aired 350 days ago
The BF gang tries to steal the secrets of QQV, a transparent metal impervious to nearly all attacks, including those from giant robots.
aired 380 days ago
Dr. Over makes Ligon swallow a train near Lake Biwa to kidnap one of the passengers and head of the Kyoto Branch of Unicorn Organization.
aired 392 days ago
Satan Rose, a space plant that almost destroyed the Earth, returns and becomes active again.
aired 434 days ago
Emperor Guillotine sends Dr. Over and Ligon, a new weapon in the shape of a pyramid, to the Earth, where Ligon attempts to cripple the world's economy by destroying Middle Eastern oil fields.
aired 455 days ago
The emperor attacks Earth by bringing back an ancient space plant that devours everything it touches.
aired 476 days ago
The emperor sends a huge magic metal globe to Earth with orders to arrest Johnny and the robot when they come to destroy it.
aired 489 days ago
Johnny discovers the B.F. Gang, Unicorn, and takes control of Giant Robot, his ally in the fight for good over evil.
aired 546 days ago
Daisaku and Minami are seen when they approach a strange villa in the heart of the Japanese Alps, which they suspect is a secret base of BF Syndicate.
aired 553 days ago
The office of Unicorn Chinese Branch is attacked by tank corps led by Red Cobra.
aired 560 days ago
The peace of a small, quiet Allah Republic at the foot of the Alps is broken when a vein of new ores is found in a gold mine.
aired 567 days ago
One day, a huge ball of fire appears in the space and blasts the communications satellite of Unicorn Organization.
aired 574 days ago
The underground office of the South Pole Unicorn Branch is buried in red sand, which suddenly starts to gush out in the ice field.
aired 581 days ago
Unicorn members locate the secret headquarters of the Japanese Branch of BF Syndicate.
aired 588 days ago
Emperor Guillotine gives Dr. Over a spaceship equipped with all kinds of scientific weapons; after landing on Earth, Over sends an electric monster called Sparky to a soccer game to kidnap all 30,000 spectators as hostages.
aired 595 days ago
Johnny and Minami are tricked by a one-eyed man who lures them to a cave where the BF has supposedly imprisoned a group of children.
aired 616 days ago
Emperor Guillotine sends a monster to Earth that destroys a plane and a submarine, causing the vessels' owners to declare war over the destroyed property.
aired 645 days ago
Tokyo is at peace, but there is a faint foreboding that something terrible might happen.
aired 652 days ago
U7 receives what he thinks is a birthday gift from his father: a kit for constructing a man-size robot.
aired 652 days ago
From a manhole, a large blotch of black liquid oozes out and starts climbing one of the giant pillars supporting a speedway, rotting the steel wherever it touches and sending Tokyo into turmoil.
aired 652 days ago
A saucer-shaped spaceship approaches Earth, and heads for Tokyo, landing on a forested hill not very far from the city.

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