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I Am Jazz

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When Jazz Jennings was 2 years old, she asked her mother when a fairy was going to change her from a boy to a girl. Now years removed from the beginning of her transition, Jazz is a transgender young woman with a unique perspective and some unexpected daily experiences. Those are shared in this complex and fascinating docuseries, which focuses on Jazz as she prepares to enter high school, faces decisions regarding her health, has to choose between her passion for soccer and spending more time with friends, and enters the dating world. Parents Greg and Jeanette -- who have always supported Jazz -- now worry about what's next as she enters adolescence. Sister Ari and twin brothers Griffen and Sander stand by their little sister and guide her as she begins her high school years.

Latest episodes

aired 2 days ago
Jazz re-evaluates her relationship with Ahmir after returning home from NYC; Jeanette tries to convince Jazz to wait to move out of the house; Jazz and Jeannette's attempt to reassure parents of transgender kids about bottom surgery backfires.
aired 9 days ago
Jazz and Jeanette travel to NYC for a follow-up appointment with Dr. Ting; Ahmir has a harsh reaction to details of Jazz's bottom surgery; Jazz confronts Ahmir's transphobic mother, who in turn claims Ahmir is hiding something from Jazz.
aired 31 days ago
First Look - Jazz travels to New York for a third surgery to correct defects caused by complications during her gender confirmation surgery.
airs in 4 days
Jazz turns 18 and starts making plans to move out of the house, much to Greg and Jeanette's dismay; Jazz also launches her own kids' day camp but worries her first event will fail; the family plans a surprise outing to celebrate Jazz's birthday.
aired 140 days ago
Jazz's relationship is put to the test when she learns that Ahmir has a transphobic mother; Dr. Bowers comes to Florida to see if Jazz needs a more extensive surgery; Jazz wants to move out and tries to convince Ari they should be roommates.
aired 141 days ago
Jazz's boyfriend, Ahmir, visits; while Jazz learns to kiss and falls for Ahmir more and more, her friends have major concerns; Dr. Bowers asks the Jennings to fly to NYC so Jazz can be examined ASAP; Jazz goes missing and her parents fear the worst.
aired 141 days ago
Three weeks after surgery, Jazz already has a boyfriend; the family is concerned that Jazz is rushing into things, but Jazz invites him to visit her in Florida; Jazz receives upsetting news and is told she'll likely require another surgery.
aired 142 days ago
Jazz is rushed into emergency surgery due to a major complication; while staying with Jazz for her recovery in New York, Jeannette learns Jack is fighting for his life in a health crisis of his own.
VOD available
Jazz's doctors perform her groundbreaking bottom surgery while her family anxiously awaits news; with the OK from her doctors, Jazz is released to recover in a hotel; days later, Jazz suffers complications and is rushed back into the operating room.
VOD available
The final stages are set for Jazz to undergo the most significant procedure of her entire life, gender confirmation surgery; her doctors provide the final details of this highly experimental and potentially complicated operation.
VOD available
Jazz agrees to an interview for ABC's "Nightline" to discuss her upcoming surgery; Jeanette throws a farewell party for a certain part of Jazz's anatomy; Jack faces a health issue that might affect his ability to travel to NYC for Jazz's surgery.
VOD available
With Jazz's surgery weeks away, Jeanette feels scared and unprepared; Sander's hurt that Griffen's spending more time with his girlfriend; Jazz, desperate for love, runs into her old flame, Victoria; Jazz gets a scary prediction about her surgery.
VOD available
Jazz prepares for a final weigh-in for her gender confirmation surgery; Dr. Bowers shocks Greg and Jeanette with changes to the surgical plan; Jazz and her friends head out for a night of fun at prom, but it turns into a nightmare.
VOD available
To prevent Jazz from developing as a man, the Jennings head to California to replace her expired hormone blocker; Jazz's grandmother confronts some old friends about their feelings on Jazz's transition.
VOD available
Greg and Jeanette take action to ensure Jazz's safety after receiving another threatening phone call; Jazz befriends a transgender girl and helps her take a big step in transitioning; Jazz makes a startling revelation to her therapist.
VOD available
Jazz needs surgery to avoid male puberty; Jeanette and Jazz confront an anti-transgender group that has been targeting the family; the family receives a threatening phone call.
VOD available
Jazz invites a boy who is interested in her to her middle school graduation party; Jazz and her parents visit the doctor and are faced with a big decision.
airs in 11 days
Jazz travels to New York for a third surgery to correct defects caused by complications during her gender confirmation surgery; while in New York Jazz attends the premiere of a film she starred in.
VOD available
Greg and Jazz attempt to surprise Jeanette with a wedding vow renewal ceremony; Jazz gets an unexpected gift on her 17th birthday; Dr. Volker makes a decision about Jazz's therapy letter; Dr. Bowers has an ultimatum regarding Jazz's bottom surgery.
VOD available
Jazz undergoes past life regression hypnosis for her weight issues and finds insight in a troubled past; Jazz pressures her parents about going to virtual school, and goes on her first date with a girl.
VOD available
The entire family supports Jazz's weight loss effort by having a family soccer game; Jazz resumes hypnotherapy to control her binge eating, helps her friend raise money for hormones, and gathers the courage to ask out Victoria.

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