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Griselda Carrasco is a humble woman, but rich in morals and principles. She dedicates her life to the well-being of her three children and grandson. A single parent, she learned to be a handyman to support her family, though she neglects her appearance because of the harsh reality that surrounds her working conditions. Her personal life is complex, with an ex-husband seemingly back from the dead after being lost at sea more than a decade earlier, and her relationship with a married man. Griselda's life changes in a number of ways when she wins a huge sum of money in the lottery and crosses paths with the wife of her current flame, who will do anything possible to destroy her rival and keep the dark secret she harbors.

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Griselda lleva a sus hijos a conocer su futura casa y le muestra la habitación a cada uno. Recibe de nuevo a Antonio. Teresa Cristina termina agrediendo a Patricia, luego de discutir. Antonio le brinda su apoyo. El mafioso en la mansión Palmer.

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