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Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law

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This clever animated comedy revolves around the law firm of Sebben & Sebben and primarily the activities of Harvey T. Birdman, described as a third-rate lawyer who takes the cases nobody else wants. Birdman, an ex-superhero from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon "Birdman and the Galaxy Trio," works alongside other Hanna-Barbera cartoon stars from the 1960s and '70s, and many of his enemies from "Galaxy Trio" also became attorneys and are often seen representing the opposing side of a particular case. The series' 39-episode run ended in 2007.

Latest episodes

aired 104 days ago
Birdgirl sets out to prove her superhero and litigating skills.
aired 104 days ago
X the Eliminator acquires the crest on Harvey's helmet.
aired 111 days ago
Murro the Marauder sues Harvey for injuries suffered in 1967.
aired 111 days ago
Reducto falls in love; Wally Gator is arrested.
aired 118 days ago
Quick Draw McGraw is hauled off to the hoosegow.
VOD available
Harvey defends a plastic surgeon who botches Botox injections on Droopy.
VOD available
Phil hires an efficiency expert, and Harvey must prove his worth.
VOD available
Peanut begins to develop his superpowers.
VOD available
Grape Ape's Laff-a-Lympics medal is taken away when he is suspected of steroid use.
aired 132 days ago
The Jetsons travel back in time to sue everyone for ruining the planet.
aired 139 days ago
Harvey becomes addicted to self-tanning cream; Ding-a-Ling Wolf goes to court to stop an adult website from using his name in its web address.
aired 139 days ago
Speed Buggy is arrested for leading the cops on a high-speed chase.
aired 146 days ago
Ernie Devlin is sued when a child is hurt duplicating his stunts.
aired 146 days ago
Harvey joins a health club and falls for his personal trainer.
aired 153 days ago
Harvey defends Secret Squirrel.
aired 153 days ago
X the Eliminator poses as an exterminator to get close to Harvey.
aired 160 days ago
Life in prison is tough for Harvey as he awaits execution and his lawyer, Blue Falcon, doesn't seem to be putting much effort into his appeal.
aired 160 days ago
An ex-superhero, the Blue Falcon, joins the law firm just in time for Harvey to be accused of mangling annoying Dynomutt and get sentenced to the electric chair.
aired 167 days ago
Fred Flintstone is suspected of being the head of an organized crime family. With the voices of Maurice LaMarche, Michael McKean, John Michael Higgins, Steve Landesberg, Adam Lawson, Tress MacNeille, Doug Preis, Kevin Michael Richardson and Frank Welker.
aired 167 days ago
Shoyu Weenie, a Japanese pop band, accuses American rockers "Jabberjaw & the Neptunes" of plagiarism.
aired 174 days ago
Yogi Bear's pal Boo Boo is captured by federal agents and accused of being the revolutionary Unabooboo, who mails boobytrapped packages to corporate leaders. With the voices of Tom Kenny, Maurice LaMarche, Steve Landesberg, Frank Welker, Erik Richter, Ken Brady, Luca Magnanini and Mat.

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