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aired 5 days ago
Edouard Louis produced a harrowing account of his own upbringing in a working class town in the north of France. Since then he's written two more books, drawn from his own experience of class, discrimination, violence, in a fractured France.
aired 15 days ago
Stephen Sackur speaks to Philippe Lamberts, a Belgian Green party MEP and member of the European Parliament's Brexit steering group. Is it time for the European Union to put Theresa May out of her Brexit misery? As the British Prime Minister makes another last ditch attempt to nail down parliamentary approval for a Brexit deal the EU must decide whether to extend the UK's departure deadline for a second time. Has patience run out in Brussels?
aired 23 days ago
Stephen Sackur speaks to NATO's Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is 70 years old this year, but despite its achievements and longevity, celebrations are muted. That's because NATO's cohesion and long-term viability are being questioned as never before. Is the Secretary General simply papering over the organisation's widening cracks?
aired 23 days ago
Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence that President Trump colluded with the Russians during the 2016 presidential election. George Papadopoulos was the first Trump campaign member to be convicted as a result of the Mueller probe.
aired 24 days ago
It's hard to remember a time when Britain wasn't consumed by Brexit agony. MPs are currently trying to find a Brexit consensus in defiance of the wishes of PM May. Her own deal remains short of a parliamentary majority but she remains hopeful.
aired 31 days ago
The World Bank is about to get a new Trump-nominated president who has been sharply critical of its past activities. A look at if the current interim head of the World Bank braced for turbulence ahead.
aired 38 days ago
Ayelet Gundar-Goshen is a prize-winning Israeli novelist who brings a trained psychologist's eye to compelling stories set in her home country. Her world is full of moral ambiguity where truth, right and wrong aren't necessarily what they seem.
aired 39 days ago
Stephen Sackur speaks to Stephen Manderson, better known as British rapper Professor Green. He's been very honest about his own struggles with mental health and is determined to break the taboos around the subject and hopes we can all learn from him.
aired 43 days ago
Hungary's PM Viktor Orban's government recently launched campaign posters all over the country featuring EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker and Hungarian born billionaire George Soros, who they accuse of promoting a pro-immigration agenda.
aired 44 days ago
With just days until the British parliament votes again on a Brexit deal, the political debate in the UK grows ever more polarised. Lord Ricketts, former top diplomat and UK National Security Adviser talks about how the machinery of government works.
aired 45 days ago
European parliamentary elections in May could be a defining moment in the struggle over the European Union's future direction; a continent wide clash between the forces of liberalism and populism. Whose message is resonating with Europe's voters? Hardtalk speaks to Italy's former centre left Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.
aired 50 days ago
Galina Timchenko made her name as editor of one of Russia's leading news websites In March 2014 she was fired, she claims this was as a result of pressure from the Kremlin. Soon after, along with some former colleagues she set up Meduza, a rival news website based in Latvia. Sarah Montague asks Galina Timchenko if she should have stayed in Russia to defend herself and her journalism.
aired 51 days ago
Comedy has the power to transcend borders, religions and politics. Nemr Abou Nassar grew up in both the US and Lebanon and from an early age has believed that comedy could change the world. But some see his stand-up as perpetuating stereotypes.
aired 51 days ago
Hungary is led by a nationalist, populist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán who believes his opposition to immigration and traditional Christian values can transform Hungary and the whole of the EU. `Orbanism' could just win Europe's battle of ideas.
aired 57 days ago
Marilyn Stafford is one of the great women pioneers of photojournalism and has covered war zones to catwalks. Now aged 93, her work is being rediscovered by a new generation of admirers and she explains what gives her photographs their power.
aired 58 days ago
The ongoing urban protests in Sudan are the most widespread so far against the almost 30 year rule of President Omar Al Bashir and his National Congress Party. Representing Sudan's opposition, Yasir Arman is travelling to the West to enlist support against Al Bashir and his regime. Zeinab Badawi asks whether these are the last days of Omar Al Bashir's rule.
aired 60 days ago
Despite having written only two novels Leila Slimani is one of France's most famous authors. Her first book shocked readers for breaking taboos about women and sex addiction. Discover what draws Slimani to such dark visions of femininity.
aired 61 days ago
American writer Carl Hiaasen's popular newspaper columns and darkly comic novels cast a jaundiced eye on his home state of Florida. His writing is fuelled by anger: at rotten politics, crooked business and environmental vandalism. Stephen Sackur asks, is Florida the state where the American dream turned sour?
aired 64 days ago
Kenya's big ambitions to be the economic and infrastructure powerhouse of East Africa cannot be truly realised without political stability. William Ruto talks about fragmentation and factionalism at the top of Kenyan politics.
aired 64 days ago
Stephen Sackur asks Yemen's foreign minister Khaled Hussein Al-Yemany whether there is any political or diplomatic initiative capable of saving Yemen. Millions of people are in dire need of food and medical assistance.
aired 65 days ago
Cameron Kasky survived the Florida Parkland School shooting in February 2018. He went on to co-found the March For Our Lives movement, an organisation committed to taking on America's gun lobby. He ponders if anything has changed a year later.

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