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Despite having written only two novels Leila Slimani is one of France's most famous authors. Her first book shocked readers for breaking taboos about women and sex addiction. Discover what draws Slimani to such dark visions of femininity.
aired 1 day ago
American writer Carl Hiaasen's popular newspaper columns and darkly comic novels cast a jaundiced eye on his home state of Florida. His writing is fuelled by anger: at rotten politics, crooked business and environmental vandalism. Stephen Sackur asks, is Florida the state where the American dream turned sour?
aired 3 days ago
Kenya's big ambitions to be the economic and infrastructure powerhouse of East Africa cannot be truly realised without political stability. William Ruto talks about fragmentation and factionalism at the top of Kenyan politics.
aired 4 days ago
Stephen Sackur asks Yemen's foreign minister Khaled Hussein Al-Yemany whether there is any political or diplomatic initiative capable of saving Yemen. Millions of people are in dire need of food and medical assistance.
aired 5 days ago
Cameron Kasky survived the Florida Parkland School shooting in February 2018. He went on to co-found the March For Our Lives movement, an organisation committed to taking on America's gun lobby. He ponders if anything has changed a year later.
aired 10 days ago
Christian Zerpa, formerly Supreme Court Justice in Venezuela, is now a defector from the Maduro regime. With two men claiming to be the country's President and protestors on the streets, is Venezuela's socialist revolution in its death throes?
aired 11 days ago
Bertie Ahern was Ireland's prime minister at the time of the Good Friday Agreement 20 years ago and he is one of its signatories. A look at if changes regarding how the Irish border is administered through Brexit threaten peace in Northern Ireland.
aired 13 days ago
American writer Carl Hiaasen's hugely popular newspaper columns and darkly comic novels cast a jaundiced eye on his home state of Florida. His writing is fueled by his anger at rotten politics, crooked business and environmental vandalism. Stephen Sackur asks: is Florida the state where the American dream turned sour?
aired 18 days ago
Shaun Ley talks to former spy chief Amrullah Saleh, now a candidate for vice-president in Afghanistan. Seventeen years after the American-led invasion, the US and the Taliban are at last talking peace.
aired 19 days ago
Laura Boldrini is a left of centre politician in Italy and until last year she was Speaker of the Parliament's lower chamber. The Sicilian MP talks of her experiences and of what her current situation tells us about the state of politics in Italy.
aired 22 days ago
Bertrand Piccard is a renowned explorer and aviator and the first person to fly non-stop around the world in a hot air balloon. Piccard is currently focusing his attentions on innovating sustainable technology and decarbonising the global economy.
aired 24 days ago
Tundu Lissu is one of president John Magufuli's domestic opponents in Tanzania, or he was until gunmen pumped more than 20 bullets into his body in 2017. Lissu survived and has rejoined the fight against a ruler he describes as a petty dictator.
aired 25 days ago
In little more than two months from now Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union. The ruling Conservative party is riven with splits, so too is the Labour opposition. What will Labour do in this moment of political truth?
aired 26 days ago
In 2018, following a huge corruption scandal, Malaysia had its first change of government in 60 years. Syed Saddiq is Malaysia's youngest cabinet minister and he tells Shaun Ley that Malaysia is no longer a land trapped in its colonial past.
aired 31 days ago
Stephen Sackur is in Paris for an interview with the country's finance minister, Bruno Le Maire. The political and economic mood in France has shifted dramatically in a few short months, and President Macron is now besieged by critics.
aired 33 days ago
Donald Trump is at war with Democrats in Congress and his standing at home and abroad continues to take a hit. Yet every day he comes out punching and not retreating. Is the Trump presidency making America great, or greatly diminished?
aired 35 days ago
Jonathan Coe has been listening to and writing compelling fiction about contemporary Britain for decades. Can this novelist help us understand ourselves and Brexit better than a parliament full of politicians?
aired 38 days ago
Stephen Sackur speaks to Dr William Frankland, a world-renowned expert on allergies and one of the last remaining British survivors of the Japanese prisoner-of-war camps in World War Two. His is a death-defying, life-affirming story.
aired 39 days ago
Len McCluskey is leader of Britain's biggest trade union and biggest donor to Labour. Many Labour members want a second referendum as a pathway to reversing Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn says Brexit can't be stopped, will Brexit break the left apart?
aired 40 days ago
Stephen Sackur speaks to Pinchas Goldschmidt, Chief Rabbi of Moscow and president of the Conference of European Rabbis. There is plenty of disturbing data pointing to a significant rise in overt anti-Semitism in Europe and the United States but why? How should the Jewish community respond? And how much reassurance and protection is being offered to Jews whose past has so often been written in blood? Is rising anti-Semitism a symptom of a liberal democratic order that is starting to crumble?
VOD available
Stephen Sackur speaks to Robert Plomin, a professor of behavioral genetics at Kings College London, regarding the extent that genes determine destiny.

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