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aired 1 day ago
Tobacco giant Philip Morris International claims it wants a smoke free world and the phasing out of cigarettes, hailing its new smoke-free products as the future. But Philip Morris International still sells almost 800 billion cigarettes a year.
aired 2 days ago
Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed deal maker extraordinaire, is finding the Korean Peninsula tough going. For all his claims of friendship with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, Pyongyang seems no closer to giving up its nuclear arsenal.
aired 8 days ago
Back in 2015, the nations of the world made a formal commitment to keep global warming below two degrees centigrade. So much for fine words; global greenhouse gas emissions are still rising. The data suggest the planet is warming at an alarming rate. Stephen Sackur interviews Roger Hallam, the co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, a movement dedicated to mass resistance and civil disobedience.
aired 9 days ago
When the Indian Government revoked the special autonomous status of Jammu and Kashmir, it knew outrage would follow; which is why Delhi has the Muslim majority Himalayan territory in a form of lockdown. Troops patrol the streets, hundreds of local politicians and activists have been detained and communications links have been cut. Stephen Sackur interviews the leaders of the Jammu and Kashmir People's Movement, Shah Faesal.
aired 11 days ago
Stephen Sackur interviews prize-winning writer on race and founder of the Anti-Racist Research Centre in Washington, Ibram Kendi. He says the roots of racism run deep and an honest assessment of their strength has barely begun.
aired 16 days ago
The British Government's Brexit strategy can be summed up in Prime Minister Boris Johnson's three-word phrase: 'do or die'. As a deal between London and Brussels appears unlikely, what about the alternative? Stephen Sackur interviews Iain Duncan Smith, former Conservative party leader and ardent Brexiteer. Can Prime Minister Johnson deliver a no-deal exit? And what would it mean for Britain's politics and economy?
aired 22 days ago
Hong Kong is in uproar. Each weekend for the last two months, thousands of people have taken to the streets. Alvin Yueng, who leads the Civic Party, shares their fears. First, of a plan to given Beijing a greater say in extradition, then for a wider cause; defending Hong Kong's freedom. But as the local authorities struggle to contain the crisis, and Beijing's grumbles grow ever louder, could the People's Liberation Army be on its way?
aired 37 days ago
Zeinab Badawi speaks to Bambang Brodjonegoro, Indonesia's Minister of National Development Planning. President Widodo of Indonesia was recently re-elected to a second term in office and he says he has big ambitions to raise the standard of living of his people. Indonesia is the most populous country in South East Asia and has its biggest economy. But it faces a series of challenges from poor infrastructure to corruption and extreme income inequality.
aired 38 days ago
Zeinab Badawi is in New York, for a rare interview with the Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif, who is attending high-level talks at the UN. Hostilities between Iran and the US are at a historic high, could the two countries stumble into a war?
aired 39 days ago
Zeinab Badawi is in Turkey to speak to the new mayor of Istanbul Ekrem Imamoglu. His victory for the opposition was a major blow to President Erdogan and his government. Is he now the man to watch in Turkish politics?
aired 46 days ago
The British legal system has long enjoyed an international reputation for independence, integrity and efficiency. Senior judges, lawyers and police officers are voicing concern about a judicial system close to breaking point.
aired 48 days ago
Within weeks the Conservative party will have a new leader and Britain a new Prime Minister. The battle between the two candidates boils down to Brexit and who the Tories believe is better equipped to navigate the political and constitutional crisis.
aired 60 days ago
Brexit - not just an event, now a whole political movement. At the end of May, with its leader Nigel Farage at the helm, the Brexit Party swept the board in the European Parliament elections, demeaning the UK's governing Conservative Party. Shaun Ley interviews Richard Tice, chairman of Mr Farage's party and an MEP. With many experts predicting a costly, bitter departure from the European Union, did the triumph of the Brexit Party bring the United Kingdom and its politics into discredit?
aired 61 days ago
Currently there is much focus on the tensions between the US and China over the Chinese tech giant Huawei. Robert Strayer is on a mission to dissuade Europeans from doing business with Huawei.
aired 63 days ago
It is one of the great puzzles of American politics: how voters could make history by putting Barack Obama in the White House, twice, and then elect Donald Trump as his successor. Valerie Jarrett is a close friend and advisor to Barack Obama.
aired 68 days ago
The author of over 30 novels, he is best known for the book that became Steven Spielberg’s Oscar winning film, Schindler’s List. At 83, Keneally’s prodigious output hasn’t diminished and he’s just released a new book.
aired 81 days ago
After the journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Khashoggi's friends received warnings that their lives could be in danger, including Iyad El-Baghdadi, a long-time critic of Arab authoritarian regimes.
aired 84 days ago
Stephen Sackur speaks to renowned Libyan writer Hisham Matar, whose writing has explored the impact of having a father `disappeared' by the Gaddafi regime.
VOD available
Re-examining the 1974 IRA bombings of two pubs in Birmingham in which 21 people were killed.
aired 93 days ago
Kenya's supreme court is about to decide whether to decriminalise homosexuality. One of the most prominent gay voices in Kenya was the award winning writer, Wainaina, who was at the centre of the debate about freedom, identity and culture.
aired 96 days ago
Stephen Sackur speaks to former champion British swimmer turned sports commentator Sharron Davies, to discuss what happens when athletes change gender, in particular when individuals born biologically male transition to female after puberty.

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