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100 Women

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Influential women from the spheres of entertainment, sport, business and politics speak to BBC presenters about their work, life and ambitions.

Latest episodes

aired 135 days ago
Amelia Hemphill has made her own avatar and entered the virtual world occupied by our digital twins.
aired 151 days ago
Cagil Kasapoglu travels to Cyprus to find out more and to meet the women donating their eggs to help others to conceive.
aired 251 days ago
In popular belief, sex trafficking in the US involves women forced across borders and held against their will. A new picture shows eight in ten victims are actually US citizens.
aired 431 days ago
Following recent sexual abuse allegations against several high-profile creatives, should people be pausing for thought before going to the cinema, the art gallery or the bookshop?
aired 568 days ago
This is the surrogate mothers' club: women that volunteer to give birth to a stranger's child and receive only expenses in exchange. The team speaks to the founder of Canadian Fertility Consulting and follows three altruistic surrogate mothers in Canada, as they navigate the emotional challenges of giving life to a baby that they will say goodbye to after birth.
aired 606 days ago
Women who have created positive change.
aired 620 days ago
One woman in El Salvador is trying to say enough is enough when it comes to femicides, as the country has the worst rate in the world.
aired 627 days ago
In the last 12 months we've seen fury and anger from women around the world on sexual harassment. These films focus on women who converted that energy into positive change.
aired 1,036 days ago
Michelle Bachelet, president of Chile, talks about how she rose to the top in a male-dominated political world.

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