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At Pure Vision, Steve Strope and his team conceptualize outside-the-box designs of custom automobiles, then turn out magazine-feature street machines, muscle cars and hot rods. The Simi Valley, Calif., shop is best known for building custom American muscle cars from the 1960s and '70s but are happy to put their touch on any car from any era. With a passion for racing history and auto heritage, Pure Vision combines the classic designs of the past with the engineering technology available today. Their cars have won numerous design awards, while others have appeared in the "Fast and Furious" movie franchise.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
Steve transforms an abandoned 1971 GTO convertible for a longtime client; Pure Vision is revisited by an old build that needs a few quick fixes.
VOD available
Steve Strope and the guys work on a '63 Chevy Nova for a new customer; the build goes well, but the tires prove to be more of a challenge than anticipated; the crew work on Steve's '64 Oldsmobile.
aired 15 days ago
Steve Strope and the guys work on restoring a rare '63 Toyota Stout for a client in Australia, but it's a big job on a small truck; the crew works on a vehicle owned by longtime client, comedian and entertainer Joe Rogan.
aired 22 days ago
Steve Strope and his team hammer out the final details in the custom '57 Ford Wagon and make it with enough time to unveil at SEMA; Pure Vision revisits an old build for a longtime client.
aired 24 days ago
Steve Strope and the Pure Vision crew work on comic Joe Rogan's 1969 Nova; Kelly works on a car that's been in his family for generations -- his father's 1932 Ford Coupe.
aired 24 days ago
Steve Strope and his team at Pure Vision put their design skills to the test on a custom '57 Ford Wagon; with their sights set on SEMA, Steve races the clock to deliver an award-winning vehicle on time.

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Many celebrities are interested in cars, often collecting and even racing classic vehicles. "Joyride" features four such celebrities -- rapper T-Pain, NASCAR driver Brian Vickers, actress Mischa Barton and actor Oliver Trevena -- who go on a quest to find the best cars in a variety of categories. Each episode focuses on a particular group of vehicles, such as best British car and best 1960s muscle car. The celebrities combine their automobile knowledge with their driving skills as they test cars to see which ones they think qualify as the best-of-class. The hosts also offer practical advice that viewers can take away from the episodes.
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When Burt Reynolds raced a Trans Am across the country in the 1977 movie "Smokey and the Bandit," a new generation of American muscle car lovers was born. The Trans Am rode a wave of popularity for years before fading into extinction. Now, entrepreneurial brothers Scott and Tad Warmack want to resurrect America's most recognizable muscle car, and they risked everything to acquire its rights. This series follows the Warmacks and their team of car savants as they re-engineer and meticulously craft the classic cars. They build new ones from existing bodies and use big, powerful engines and modern equipment to satisfy auto aficionados.
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After departing Gas Monkey Garage in 2016, former "Fast N' Loud" star Aaron Kaufman opened his own auto shop, Arclight Fabrication, in Dallas, where he's shifting gears by focusing on his personal car-design passions. Along with a crew of hand-picked builders from around the country, Aaron pushes his design abilities by working on different types of vehicles. His goal for every build: maximize performance, then test each car in some of the harshest conditions known to the auto world. The series documents the guys' excitement and curiosity for how far their talents will take them, as they their build expertise, stamina and creativity to the test.
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A scrappy team of friends and relic-hunting rookies tries to break out among seasoned pros and establish a car-flipping business in a remote region of the Pacific Northwest. Joined by best friend Niko Weaver, entrepreneurial brothers Carlos and Pedro Becerra scour the mountains, forests and farmlands of Northwest Washington for the holy grails of American muscle cars that have been left for dead. Once the hidden gems are recovered, the team transports them back to their shop to access the damage before the down-and-dirty revitalization work begins.
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Located on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Steve Darnell and his band of oddballs and misfits create one-of-a-kind, Mad Max-style rat rods. With the demands of their quirky customers, the team at Welder Up strips and rebuilds vehicles from hidden treasure. In each episode, the automotive fabricators use their imaginations and creativity to create a unique vehicle for each unique owner. With details ranging from a shotgun gearshift to horseshoe gas pedals, the crew transforms discarded treasure and performance parts into bizarre, eccentric and truly one-of-a-kind rolling works of art.
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Jimmy de Ville, Ant Partridge and Helen Stanley attempt to revive the classic British engineering company Goblin Works by overseeing unique "resto-mod" car and motorcycle builds. Combining their divergent skills, the craftspeople -- who also serve as series' hosts -- revive some of the world's best known cars and bikes by adhering to wacky, daring designs. The trio tackle each complicated project with an eye on expanding a new British business and brand, and the results are a unique collection built from a pure passion for engineering, speed, custom design and individuality.