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Furchester Hotel

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A close-knit family of cheerfully chaotic monsters runs the Furchester Hotel, an almost world-class facility. Owner Funella Furchester greets guests as they arrive, alongside husband Furgus Fuzz and daughter Phoebe. Joining the family at the Furchester are Phoebe's cousin Elmo, who is there for an extended visit, and Cookie Monster, who is working his dream job as a waiter, serving guests with room service and in the dining room. They all come together to solve problems in an attempt to keep their guests happy, an attitude that is in line with the family's motto: "A Furchester never gives up."

Latest episodes

aired 554 days ago
Phoebe and Elmo need all their creative skills when looking after five excitable chickens; Funella hires a group of singing vegetables to make the guests happy, but they cause chaos.
aired 554 days ago
Phoebe and Elmo feel sorry for Pierce, a very lonely porcupine; the Furchesters can't pass messages because the phones are not working.
aired 554 days ago
The Furchesters make a video about the hotel and the director sees things going wrong in every room; the Furchesters try to stop Cookie Monster from eating cookie guest, Mr. Crumb.
aired 642 days ago
A dinosaur surprises Elmo, then seems to disappear; The Furchesters go on a dino hunt to find their oldest, biggest guest.
aired 644 days ago
The writer of Mooga Monster books checks in; she needs Furchester and lots of monster help to write her new story.
aired 645 days ago
Guests smell a skunk and want to check out, so Phoebe and Elmo have to stop the friendly skunk from spraying when he's surprised.
aired 647 days ago
It's chaos in the hotel when a woodpecker keeps pecking the walls and a musician doesn't turn up for a concert.
aired 984 days ago
It's ballroom dance weekend but the floor is so shiny the dancers slip over; The Furchesters need a way to keep their feet on the floor.
aired 985 days ago
The Furchesters have to find a spot for a fussy potted plant who complains about everything.
aired 986 days ago
When a bear falls asleep in the lobby, the Furchesters try to get him up the stairs and into bed.
aired 987 days ago
Monster Monster visits only one hotel on Monster Monster Day so Elmo wants it to be the Furchester.
aired 988 days ago
Super Rock flies into the hotel, but his cape tears and he thinks his powers have gone; Phoebe and Elmo have to help Super Rock be super again.
aired 991 days ago
Phoebe and Elmo create Furchester TV when TV-loving ducks cannot miss their favorite TV programs.
aired 992 days ago
Elmo and Phoebe are determined not to fall asleep so they can meet Mr. Screetch the owl.
aired 993 days ago
It's a catastrophe when Phoebe loses her voice. She is the only Furchester who can talk to animals.
aired 994 days ago
Two detectives and a mysterious racoon check in for the hotel's Mystery Weekend.
aired 995 days ago
The Furchester Family need to stop Isabel's bell-monster hiccups so she can welcome all the guests.
aired 998 days ago
Preschool puppet show; Cousin Bebe arrives; Phoebe is jealous because she seems so much better at stopping monsters and talking to the animals.
aired 1,005 days ago
Funella overhears the tortoise guests say the hotel service is slow, slow, slow.
aired 1,006 days ago
The Furchesters search the hotel when they think they've lost Mr. Squigglebottom.
aired 1,007 days ago
It's hard to keep the sculpture of Funella safe when Cookie Monster and company are in the hotel.

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