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Kate & Mim-Mim

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Kate and her stuffed toy friends use their imaginations to go on wild adventures.

Latest episodes

aired 717 days ago
A bird flies into Kate's house; Dad gives Kate a puzzle that seems too hard to solve.
aired 718 days ago
Kate's ant farm breaks. Kate gets frustrated playing mini golf in the back yard.
aired 724 days ago
Kate wants to build a snow fort, but there isn't enough snow. Kate sees a cloud that looks like Mim-Mim.
aired 725 days ago
Mim-Mim accidentally fixes one of Tack's inventions and becomes Tack's Lucky Funny Bunny! Soon everyone is relying on Mim-Mim's luck to fix their projects.
aired 731 days ago
Kate wonders what it would be like to have superpowers; Kate can't get the right timing to jump rope properly.
aired 732 days ago
Mim-Mim tries to keep Kate occupied while the rest of the gang finishes a big surprise for her.
aired 738 days ago
Kate wants to make lemonade and win at pin the tail on the donkey.
aired 739 days ago
Kate and a special lemming help the Mimiloo gang deliver gifts on Friendship Day; Gobble and Tack get inventive picking bananas from trees.
aired 745 days ago
Kate's family trip to the zoo is canceled; Kate needs to find four purple buttons for Mim-Mim's new sweater.
aired 746 days ago
Kate and her stuffed toy friends use their imaginations to go on wild adventures.
aired 752 days ago
Kate and her stuffed toy friends use their imaginations to go on wild adventures.
aired 753 days ago
Binky the monkey is missing from the Mimiloo Zoo! Kate leads the gang on a safari to find their friend and help him get home safely.
aired 759 days ago
Kate and her stuffed toy friends use their imaginations to go on wild adventures.
aired 760 days ago
The Mimiloo gang must get creative when they shrink and become trapped inside Tack's storage shed; the gang boards its rocket ship and blasts off to the moon.
aired 773 days ago
Kate and Mim-Mim help their friends track down some giant dinosaurs who have run off with Tack's invention!
aired 774 days ago
Tack's new invention brings Mim-Mim's shadow to life; When Mim-Mim and his shadow have a falling out the shadow runs away; Kate and the Mimiloo gang go hiking and Kate insists that everyone be prepared and follow the rules.
aired 781 days ago
After a mishap with Tack's invention, Mim-Mim loses his memory and Kate must help bring his memories back; the Mimiloo gang search for a mystery friend who leaves presents for everyone in Mimiloo.
aired 794 days ago
Kate and her stuffed toy friends use their imaginations to go on wild adventures.
aired 795 days ago
Boomer helps a colony of tiny mole miners, because he is the biggest and strongest among them! And, Boomer's new friend is too shy to show herself on stage at a talent show, so the judges give Boomer all the credit!
aired 801 days ago
Kate and her friends dive deeper than ever to help lost water sprites return to the Singing Seas; everyone mistakes Boomer for a monster.
aired 816 days ago
Mim-Mim learns that anyone can make up their own story; the gang sets off to find the missing star flower songs.

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