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Fastest Cars in the Dirty South

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Eric Malone and his team customize and create cars for grudge racing.

Latest episodes

airs in 4 days
Eric Malone and his racing team take another team's slowest car and upgrade it for a race against that same team.
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The newly painted Vega is ready for testing at last, but they need to get it down the track in under five seconds in order to beat James Rowlette and his Boost of Burden Mustang.
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Tension is high while the 256 team scrambles to come up with a plan for James Rowlette's Vega; the race between the 442 and Riley, Malcolm Storey's Grand Prix is approaching.
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Brant has taken his new Camaro to his own shop while the 256 team works to build a Vega from stock.
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Eric Malone thinks he can make Jeff Hunt's slowest car, the First 48, outrun his fastest car, Homicide.
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Eric Malone and team 256 step up to back Malcolm Storey against the 442 team; Brant Arnold accepts a grudge match involving a rusty Vega.
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Eric and Brant rebuild a second Malibu into a twin G-body then test it's speed against the previous build.
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The 256 team is challenged with whipping Kenny Ford's old Dodge Dart into shape in time for Radial Fest, Alabama's biggest street car race.
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Eric has been called to rescue an 06' Mustang that was top of the line in its heyday, but has been sitting in a garage for a decade.