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Fareed Zakaria GPS

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Host, columnist, and best-selling author Fareed Zakaria offers insightful analysis and interviews world leaders, artists, scientists, business leaders, global affairs analysts, and other cultural observers for the "Global Public Square." Zakaria is also a syndicated columnist for The Washington Post, a contributing editor for The Atlantic magazine, and hosts in-depth, prime-time specials for CNN Worldwide. "Fareed Zakaria GPS" was launched in 2008 and each week's program airs worldwide on CNN, from New York or other locations around the world. The program is characterized by smart debate and discussion on world events and public affairs, designed to help viewers understand the world around them and the newest thinking on the globe's biggest challenges.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
Saudi Arabia and Iran; Israel's election; the whistleblower complaint that appears to involve President Trump and "promises" to a foreign leader; the urgency of climate change.
VOD available
Tony Blair on Brexit and partisan politics; Condoleezza Rice on the new world order and racism in America.
VOD available
The Global Public Square helps you make sense of the world, with insights from CNN's Fareed Zakaria.
aired 22 days ago
Fareed Zakaria investigates how racism becomes a political movement, and interviews a white supremacist in an effort to understand the forces driving the dangerous racial crisis in the United States.
VOD available
Live coverage of the G7 conference in Biarritz, France.
aired 36 days ago
Panelists discuss the possibility of a recession.
aired 43 days ago
Domestic terrorism; the history of white nationalist terrorism in America; U.S.-China trade war; the science of perfect timing.
aired 50 days ago
How President Trump is managing crises in Afghanistan, China and Iran; the injustice of climate change; the global state of women's rights; the science of perfect timing.
aired 57 days ago
Boris Johnson takes 10 Downing Street; what the new prime minister's election means for the United Kingdom, Europe and the world.
aired 64 days ago
The Global Public Square helps you make sense of the world, with insights from CNN's Fareed Zakaria.
aired 71 days ago
Former U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz; International Rescue Committee President David Miliband; human rights attorneys Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju.
aired 78 days ago
The Global Public Square helps you make sense of the world, with insights from CNN's Fareed Zakaria.
aired 85 days ago
The reasons for the current hostilities between the United States and Iran, and what impact sanctions have had on Iran's people; the main events and the key "sidelines" meetings from the G-20.
aired 92 days ago
Asking what a war between the U.S. and Iran would look like; the race for the next British prime minister and the future of Brexit; the complicated relationship between North Korea and China.
aired 99 days ago
Advice for the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls; tensions with Iran; debating whether to impeach President Trump; protests in Hong Kong; Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.
aired 106 days ago
The Global Public Square helps you make sense of the world, with insights from CNN's Fareed Zakaria.
aired 113 days ago
The Global Public Square helps you make sense of the world, with insights from CNN's Fareed Zakaria.
aired 120 days ago
The Global Public Square helps you make sense of the world, with insights from CNN's Fareed Zakaria.
aired 127 days ago
Tensions between the United States and Iran; trade, conflict, and cyberwarfare between America, China and Russia; the U.S.-China trade war; a defense of liberalism.
aired 134 days ago
Facebook co-founder Christopher Hughes calls for a breakup of the digital behemoth; trade talks between the United States and China; what nations can do collectively to address the world's financial problems.
aired 141 days ago
The United States' interests in Venezuela; asking if ISlS has been defeated, and what is the future for the terror organization.

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