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Family Karma

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Following several multi-generational families originally from India who are now taking America by storm.

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Diwali may be a time of forgiveness, but some people missed the memo; as an argument between Vishal, Amrit and Bali erupts at the Fire Tower celebration, the friend group is fractured; Amrit welcomes his boyfriend, Nicholas, to town.
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After telling his feelings to Monica, Brian wishes to get rid of his playboy image and prove they can be more than just friends; Vishal and Anisha's cold war heats up.
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With the dirt about his family out in the open, Vishal sweeps it back under the rug, which doesn't sit well with Anisha; despite the tension, it's all smiles and flannel at a local pumpkin patch until Brian drops a bombshell on Monica.
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It's Diwali season, which means new beginnings for Vishal and his fiancé Richa; when Vishal invites his future mother-in-law to the yearly Diwali Gala, she spills the chai on how she really feels about his family.
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It's off to Key West for a weekend of fun in the sun; while Brian and Shaan butt heads, Monica tests Anisha's patience with her good-girl image; storm clouds gather as a game takes a scandalous turn, causing Monica to draw a line in the sand.
airs in 3 days
Vishal wishes to mend his friendship with Anisha at Bali's not-so-friendsgiving.