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Family Food Showdown

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"Family Food Showdown" sees Valerie Bertinelli oversee a pair of competing families in a fast-paced, action-packed culinary competition that unfolds over three rounds of challenges. Each challenge has earned advantages and implements team strategy and family dynamics to ensure that these families are communicating with each other and are able to problem-solve effectively to get their dishes judge-worthy. The winning family is awarded a $10,000 prize.

Latest episodes

aired 509 days ago
Two families, one with Greek heritage and the other from the South, have a legacy to uphold as host Valerie Bertinelli challenges them to make a surf-and-turf dinner, a budget family meal and a smothered dish.
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A family of competitive cooks who claim they can cook anything must put their money where their mouth is as they face off against a family that represents six different cultures between the three of them.
aired 523 days ago
"Kebab Twins" Sadaf and Darya face the Moy brothers; the teams are challenged to make a rice dinner that represents their family; judges Christian Petroni, Jet Tila and Molly Yeh choose the winner.
aired 524 days ago
The Santana family takes on the Harris family; Valerie Bertinelli challenges them to make their specialty rice dishes, sandwich duos and Sunday suppers; Kardea Brown and the Voltaggio brothers, Bryan and Michael, judge.
aired 531 days ago
The Steiner family has roots in French and Moroccan cuisine, with Josh serving many of his grandmother's recipes at his own restaurant; sisters Bianca and Irlanda, along with their cousin, Salma, grew up with traditional Mexican cuisine.
aired 534 days ago
Cousins from a large Dominican family compete against a military mom and daughters whose Southern roots inspire their food truck menu.
aired 537 days ago
Two teams, the Lo Cocos and the Sons, are challenged to make taco night spreads, over-the-top stuffed masterpieces and noodle dishes; judges Courtney Rada, Johnny Spero and Jet Tila decide which team comes out on top.
aired 538 days ago
Valerie Bertinelli challenges two teams to make surf-and-turf dishes, craft a sweet and savory duo and think outside the bowl with their macaroni and cheese; judges Clinton Kelly, Antonia Lofaso and Isaac Toups decide which team takes the top prize.
aired 545 days ago
An Italian family from New York and a Filipino-American family from Utah are challenged to make a Mother's Day meal that represents Mom, an elevated childhood favorite and a fried family favorite; Clinton Kelly, Courtney Rada and Jet Tila judge.

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