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Extreme Prison Breaks

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High-risk escapes told from the point-of-view of the prisoners and the corrections officers.

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An escapee braves razor wire and alligators; a murderer seduces a guard to get away.

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Sean Bean details accounts of prison escapes from around the world.
Despite cameras and guards monitoring their every move, some prisoners are daring enough to test the system and execute a breakout. Told from the perspectives of both the escapees and the law enforcement teams tracking them, this series documents some of recent history's high-profile jailbreaks and the various methods officials use to outsmart the criminals, leading to their eventual recapture.
More women than ever are working as guards in the toughest prisons in the U.S. This series brings cameras inside some of those facilities and, combined with interviews with female correctional officers, viewers witness firsthand the danger and mind games involved in this job.
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"Women in Prison" -- trumpeted by Investigation Discovery as a real-life version of the popular drama "Orange Is the New Black" -- profiles a series of inmates at Indiana Women's Prison. The groundbreaking format features two women in each episode and mixes the reality of prison life with dramatic re-creations of how each ended up behind bars. The maximum security facility is the backdrop for a cast of relatable, unlikely convicts -- a suburban soccer mom, a high school art teacher, a preacher's daughter -- who confess to shocking crimes and reveal how they've learned to survive in a hostile, alien environment.