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Animal Planet teams with The Dodo, the top-ranked digital media brand for animal content, to spotlight unmistakable, moving bonds between animals and people. Each episode focuses on one inspiring story of people who will do anything to help animals in need. Along the way, the series explores the personalities and emotions of both humans and animals and highlights their unique connection.

Latest episodes

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With the help of her two daughters and husband Phil, Donna Stepan runs Sleepy Burrow Wombat Sanctuary; she takes in a new orphaned baby in critical condition and the next 24 hours become a fight for its life.
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Theresa and Tony Scruff Matthews turned their dream retirement home in Australia into a full-time kangaroo rescue; they're ready to release kangaroos Lisa, Luna, and Barbie, but an injury might threaten one of them returning to the wild.
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Seven-year-old social media sensation Roman McConn and his mom, Jen, have saved over 1,500 shelter dogs by connecting them with adopters around the country; the duo have 1 month to find homes for over 100 shelter dogs, including Noah, Rocky and Migo.
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After two years of devoted care by Julius, an orphaned baby elephant named Malkia is ready to return to the wild.
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Cute Cumber, an orphaned baby dwarf pony with leg deformities, is saved by Ashley and her 3-year-old son, Deacon, and brought to their home rescue, Twist of Fate Farm; they are determined to find this fragile animal the perfect family.
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Sam Brittain and Melanie Croce run Seal Rescue Ireland, the only seal rescue in the entire country; alongside devoted volunteers, they do everything to save and rehabilitate orphaned and injured seals so that they can return to the wild.
aired 307 days ago
Katherine Conner drops out of school at 16 to work as a professional dancer in London's West End, her life's dream; at the age of 21, while on vacation in Thailand, she meets a baby elephant named Boon Lott that changes her life forever.
aired 308 days ago
A woman and her family spend their time rescuing and rehabilitating koalas in their home in Australia; Crikey the koala, a baby found alone and very sick, becomes well enough to release back into the wild.
aired 309 days ago
Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips, two of the most effective animal crusaders in the world, found Animal Defenders International in 1990 and target the abuse of animals in circuses.
aired 310 days ago
Derrick Campana first began building prosthetics for humans, but one day that all changed when he built his first prosthetic for a dog, and then an elephant.
aired 313 days ago
The inspiring stories of animals from around the world in dire need and the courageous men and women who go to unimaginable lengths to help them.
aired 331 days ago
Chimp expert Estelle Raballand has formed an incredible bond with Ponso, a chimp who lives alone on an island and has been dubbed the loneliest chimp in the world; she's determined to find him a companion and thinks she has found the perfect match.
aired 332 days ago
British Marine Pen Farthing is the founder of Nowzad, Afghanistan's only official animal sanctuary; when a U.S. soldier rescues six puppies while deployed and can't bring them back home, Pen and his team are on a mission to get them reunited.

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At the Emergency Veterinary Trauma Center in Toronto, one of the busiest animal care facilities in Canada, the interpersonal stories of veterinary professionals play out as they work tirelessly, with dedication and determination, to save the lives of their animal patients in need of urgent medical care. Each week, new emergency cases involve a wide array of specialties within veterinary medicine, including critical care, oncology, cardiology, neurology, anesthesiology, dermatology, dentistry and surgery.
Various networks
In the eyes of Matt Simmons and Lorin Lindner, wolves are a misunderstood, majestic animal. They also are mysterious, intelligent, protective and loyal, but because poachers, illegal breeders and other perils threaten their lives, Matt and Lorin come to the rescue. The husband and wife team -- he a U.S. Navy veteran, she a clinical psychologist and public health educator -- run the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center in California. The series spotlights the center's mission: to offer a therapeutic work environment for returning combat veterans and a forever home to wolves, wolfdogs, coyotes, horses, parrots and other animals. For Matt, Lorin and the team, every mission is critical -- from perilous wolf rescues, to investigations into underground fur farms -- and they all provide opportunities for combat veterans to heal and find their place in civilian society.
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Chester Zoo is one of the most popular wildlife parks in Great Britain, attracting more than 1.8 million visitors annually. Through the use of cameras equipped with the latest technology, this program takes viewers behind the scenes of the zoo, capturing animal behavior close up, as well as the relationships the animals share with their keepers. Memorable scenes filmed over the course of the series include the birth of a baby giraffe, a pregnant viper getting X-rayed, chimps battling for dominance, and a red panda giving her partner the cold shoulder.
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Amanda Giese eased her troubled childhood by connecting with animals. They were her best friends, her "saving grace," she says. That connection continued into adulthood, leading her to start a nonprofit called Panda Paws Rescue, whose mission is to end homelessness, abuse and neglect of all animals. Alongside Amanda's kids, Jade and Beast, and partner Gary, the family cares for animals -- primarily dogs that others have given up on -- in need and helps them find loving forever homes. Those efforts are featured on hourlong episodes, including a large-scale rescue mission to save the lives of dozens of animals that have major medical or special needs.
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Known to many TV viewers as the "Bondi Vet" for his work on that Australian series, Dr. Chris Brown is back for more adventures as he tries to improve the lives of animals that would otherwise have no one. This time he travels to some of the most remote and exotic places on the planet, working with a global network of animal advocates requesting his expertise to give care to an incredibly diverse range of species. From operating on endangered rhinos in Africa, saving sick wombats in Tasmania, freeing fur seals trapped in fishing line on Australia's Phillip Island, rescuing dogs from the meat trade in Southeast Asia, and helping orphaned sloths in Costa Rica, there is no animal too big or too small that Dr. Chris won't help. Each episode concludes with a follow-up several weeks later to check the progress of the animals he treated.
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Houston's Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists is one of the country's busiest animal hospitals, with a staff that treats more than 50,000 patients annually. "Animal ER" brings cameras inside the facility to show viewers what goes on as the veterinarians and other staffers treat their beastly patients. The animals that are treated range from typical pets like dogs and cats to more exotic creatures like chimps and pythons.The staff uses state-of-the-art technology while working in such disciplines as surgery, internal medicine, oncology, dentistry and dermatology.The partners at GCVS include orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brian Beale, who performs 10-20 surgeries per week, and surgeon Dr. Heidi Hottinger, who has done everything from removing cancerous tumors to performing amputations.
Various networks
One of the largest and most popular zoos in the U.S., Ohio's renowned Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and its conservation park The Wilds, houses more than 10,000 animals on 12,000 acres. It's also the part-time home of beloved wildlife guru Jack Hanna, the zoo's director emeritus. Now, Nat Geo Wild is taking viewers inside the grounds and allowing them to experience what visitors can't: compelling, heartwarming stories, and behind-the-scenes moments and adventures. "Secrets of the Zoo" introduces both the animals and the legions of workers who create unforgettable connections between people and wildlife.
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Black bear cubs are often orphaned when their mothers are struck by vehicles or killed by hunters. To the rescue, literally, comes Angelika and Peter Langen, the proprietors of Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter in British Columbia, the world's only licensed grizzly bear rehab facility. As shown in this reality series, the Langens care for at-risk black bear cubs to prepare them for a second chance at life in the wild. Together with their son Michael, daughter Tanja, son-in-law Shawn, and a few dedicated volunteers, the Langens work to save and care for sick, starving, and injured orphan cubs.
Various networks
Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is the subject of this documentary series, allowing Animal Planet unprecedented access to the Western Hemisphere's largest aquarium. It cares for thousands of animals in its 10 million gallons of water, including rescued Southern sea otters, endangered African penguins, rescued California sea lions, whale sharks, and manta rays. The series follows the daily activities of the aquarium's biologists, researchers and trainers, and tells of the bonds created between the creatures and the staff.