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Music-centric series "dirtgirlworld," geared toward preschoolers, aims to introduce children to the joys of outdoor play and sustainable, green living. The series features dirtgirl, a gumboot-wearing girl who grows tomatoes and drives a big orange tractor, and her backyard full of friends, including her best friend next door who is a whiz with junk, a stunt star with an inferiority complex, a monosyllabic scarecrow and the green thumbs -- real kids in real gardens having unreal fun. The series, a distinctive blend of live action and animation, takes the audience to a world in which the real and unreal collide.

Latest episodes

aired 736 days ago
Beneath the golden glow of the harvest moon, the most wonderful thing happens in Dirtgirlworld.
aired 743 days ago
Dirtgirl embarks on a nature walkabout.
aired 744 days ago
Dirtgirl longs for a wild place; Scrapboy's secret camping place.
aired 744 days ago
Dirtgirl is planning a sweet-pea tee pee to attract bees to her garden; Scrapboy brings her wooden stakes.
aired 744 days ago
Strawberry jam, a tricky chicken, and a disappearing stunt bug.
aired 746 days ago
Dirtgirl and Scrapboy are extending the vegetable garden; Scrapboy has his digger going at full speed to finish the new garden bed.
aired 746 days ago
Scrapboy and Dirtgirl try to keep the crows at bay and fuel the tractor.
aired 752 days ago
Dirtgirl's bathtub springs a leak.
aired 756 days ago
It's breakfast time and everyone likes something different.
aired 763 days ago
Dirtgirl digs a garden.
aired 765 days ago
Dirtgirl learns where peas call home; a cardboard box becomes a bedroom for a super "stunt-star" weevil.
aired 768 days ago
Dirtgirl plants her pizza; grubby and ken plan a pizza stunt.
aired 780 days ago
When scrapboy needs as many oranges as he can get his hands on, it is lucky that dirtgirl's trees are full of them.
aired 781 days ago
A shiny coin tricks Grubby and lets Ken do the easy stunt.
aired 784 days ago
Dirtgirl is desperate to know if ants have eyelids.
aired 796 days ago
Dirtgirl swaps jobs with scrapboy for the day.
aired 816 days ago
Dirtgirl tries to balance her life.
aired 822 days ago
Everyone springs into action when the water tank springs a leak.
aired 858 days ago
Rescuing tomatoes from a tornado.
aired 892 days ago
The day is spent conducting a scavenger hunt.
aired 898 days ago
Dirtgirl is unhappy that slugs have infiltrated her garden.

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