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The Chica Show

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Popular Chica ("The Sunny Side Up Show") gets her own show in this live-action/animation hybrid that promotes social-emotional development in preschoolers. Chica helps her mom and dad in the Costume Coop, a playful shop filled with whimsical costumes, and when the shop closes, she and her friends transform into animated characters and go on adventures that teach kids lessons, including one on an underwater adventure that teaches about cleanup time and another on a voyage with Vikings that explains why manners are important. Chica's buddies include best friend Kelly, huggable rag doll Stiches and pet rabbit Bunji.

Latest episodes

aired 443 days ago
Chica discovers that even creepy crawly critters are really cool.
aired 450 days ago
It's Mrs. C's big book signing day; Chica does not tell Mrs. C about the rip in her mothers costume.
aired 457 days ago
Keeping the environment under the sea clean.
aired 470 days ago
Chica believes that Jett doesn't like her anymore when he chooses a costume Kelly made for him over one made by Chica.
aired 560 days ago
Chica doesn't want to share a wash bucket she's playing with.
aired 561 days ago
Chica gets an imaginary news assignment: she learns the best way to tackle a big job is to take it one small step at a time.
aired 562 days ago
Chica loses her chirp; a deaf customer introduces a different way to communicate.
aired 563 days ago
Chica wants to help her hurt friend.
aired 564 days ago
Chica learns about planning buildings.
aired 574 days ago
Chica gorges on junk food.
aired 575 days ago
Chica and her friends race off on an adventure.
aired 576 days ago
Chica can't find a crown in the coop and gets frustrated.
aired 577 days ago
Chica learns to believe in herself.
aired 578 days ago
Chica tries to help Jet deliver his packages.
aired 581 days ago
Chica and her friends head off on an adventure and discover that teamwork is the key to getting things done.
aired 582 days ago
Chica takes an animated adventure and discovers that everyone has their own special touch when it comes to creating art.
aired 583 days ago
Chica and friends put on the show; Chica discovers that being a bossy ringleader isn't the way to inspiring teamwork.
aired 584 days ago
A cold wind forces Chica to cancel her luau plans, so she sets off on an icy adventure.
aired 585 days ago
Keeping the environment under the sea clean.
aired 588 days ago
Ballerina Chica learns to practice.
aired 589 days ago
Chica takes a trip to meet a couple of rude Viking; she learns how important it is to be kind and polite to others.

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