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Death in the Bayou: The Jennings 8

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Investigation Discovery delves into the unsolved murders of the Jennings 8 in a two-part special, "Death in the Bayou: The Jennings 8." Between 2005 and 2009, the bodies of eight women are found discarded in the bayous and on the back roads of Jennings, La. Some of the women had their throats slashed while others were too decomposed to determine cause of death. No one is ever charged, and the police investigations have been plagued with missteps, leading to allegations of a major cover-up. Now, murder victim Whitnei Dubois' sister, Taylor Dubois, and niece, Brittany Jones, uncover shocking new information while trying to find out what happed their sister and aunt. The documentary special reveals the dark underbelly of a Southern town riddled with drug use, violence and long-buried secrets. It features interviews with victims’ family members, law enforcement officials, suspects, and others in an attempt to answer the question that haunts this community: who killed the Jennings 8?

Latest episodes

aired 15 days ago
Whitnei's family members ask questions about her last known movements and the autopsy report; the coroner speaks about the cases for the first time; old suspects resurface; a mysterious figure makes an explosive allegation.
aired 15 days ago
In Jennings, La. anger boils over as an eighth woman's body is found, and police have no answers; a task force is created; a filmmaker arrives expecting to hunt for a serial killer but finds something that could be much scarier.
aired 15 days ago
Two suspects and an informant tell their stories; two more women go missing, and a teenager vanishes in broad daylight; frustration with the police builds, as people begin to fear that a serial killer is at work in the Louisiana parish.
aired 16 days ago
Tired of waiting for justice in the suspicious death of their sister, Whitnei, one of eight victims discovered near Jennings, La., Brittany and Taylor Dubois search for answers; secrets and suspects are revealed, leading to a surprising arrest.
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Tired of waiting for justice in the death of their family member, two women search for answers; secrets and suspects emerge, leading to an arrest; more women are found; frustration with the police mounts, along with fear of a possible serial killer.
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In Jennings, La., anger boils over as an eighth woman is found murdered; a task force is created, but rumors about corruption mount; Whitnei's family members question her autopsy report and hear an explosive allegation from a mysterious figure.

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