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Most homicide detectives would rather forget what they see at gruesome crime scenes. Pat Postiglione is not like most detectives. He has the gift of a photographic memory. Coupled with a laser sharp eye for evidence and the ability to detect microscopic clues, Postiglione is one of the most valuable detectives in his Nashville, Tenn., precinct. During his more than 25 years working homicide, he has seen hundreds of crime scenes, and he remembers each as if it happened yesterday. For the first time, he recounts his most memorable cases, walking viewers through the locations in exacting detail. Episodes feature each crime scene re-created based on police records and Postiglione's unparalleled memory.

Latest episodes

aired 32 days ago
When the remains of a young mother are discovered in a remote area outside Nashville, Tenn., Detective Postiglione solves the crime by recalling a detail from the wooded scene and puts a dangerous murderer behind bars.
aired 32 days ago
After a professor's body is found in the office of a used car dealership, Detective Postiglione solves the puzzle by spotting the killer's window of opportunity.
VOD available
Twenty-six-year-old Florence Ballino is found murdered; her attacker deliberately leaves behind clues in an attempt to confuse investigators, but Detective Postiglione identifies one clue that inextricably connects to the killer.
VOD available
While investigating two separate homicide cases, Detective Pat Postiglione discovers that the same psychotic killer is behind all the murders and has a unique calling card.
VOD available
Detective Postiglione investigates a crime scene where pools of blood indicate that something terrible occurred, but the female victim is nowhere to be found; it's up to Postiglione to find her and a possible murderer.
aired 37 days ago
A crime scene shows evidence of conflicting motives for a double murder, but an unlikely clue on the living room floor helps Detective Postiglione zero in on what really happened, leading to the arrest of an unassuming killer.

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