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Killing Time

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Murder cases break wide open after investigators piece together what happened during a critical time gap.

Latest episodes

aired 88 days ago
Thomas Clayton comes home from a poker game to find his wife, Kelley, murdered; Clayton becomes a suspect after his daughter describes the attacker as a man with eyes like her father, but his poker buddies give him an alibi.
aired 88 days ago
After a body is found floating in a New Orleans canal, Detective Ryan Vaught has little to go on until a second body surfaces; a kettle bell tied to the victim's legs becomes the clue that could unravel the entire case.
aired 88 days ago
After Dr. Brian Stidham is stabbed to death in a parking lot behind his office, Detective Jill Isely creates a timeline of events to determine if he was a victim of a carjacking gone wrong, or something much more wicked.
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When a mother is found brutally murdered, her Las Vegas community is left terrified; a tip from a convicted criminal leads detectives deep into the desert hills; surveillance footage reveals there's definitely something sinister afoot.
aired 180 days ago
A couple is savagely attacked while sleeping in their home; the woman survives to implicate her son but later recants; detectives ask if the son is a ruthless killer while investigating the family's mafia connections.
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A wife arrives home with her daughter to find her husband lying dead; detectives think this was just a tragic accident, until they discover the family's vehicle is missing.
aired 306 days ago
After a man fails to show up at work, a worried colleague goes to his home and finds him dead; a detective arrives on the scene and discovers the man's wife is also badly injured and barely clinging to life.