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"Cyanide and Happiness" offers a collection of aggressively stupid stick-figure cartoons that irreverently lampoon all the topics mom always said were no joking matter. Topics like depression, murder, and violent accidents are mixed with ridiculous takes on ordinary situations such as going to the dentist or getting junk mail. Harry the Handsome Butcher butchers himself, Ted Bear leads adventures through the wilderness, and the occasional person gets peed on, pairing dark humor with silliness and outrageous with hilarious.

Latest episodes

aired today
An astronaut learns about space; a woman calls the police; a teacher has a rowdy student.
aired 14 days ago
A guy meets his girlfriend's parents; A couple tries to cope; Outlaws battle over treasure.
aired 28 days ago
A family survives a nuclear bomb; a man gets revenge; a man learns about spiders.
aired 35 days ago
A tortoise races a hare; someone ruins the movie; there's an obstacle course in gym class.
aired 42 days ago
A surgeon is surprised; a man goes to a dentist; a cool superhero emerges.
aired 49 days ago
A town celebrates Opposite Day; a man might be dead; a man uses science to create a park.
aired 91 days ago
The police deal with a criminal; it's time to say goodbye; a boy faces consequences.
aired 98 days ago
A family meets a bookworm; a couple has a life or death battle; a man has a rough day.
aired 105 days ago
A prank has consequences; Mothman is the only hope; a guy tries something new.
aired 112 days ago
The mayor cleans up the city; it is a beautiful day at a pond; astronauts deal with space.
aired 119 days ago
Two women battle it out; Rudy lives his life the way he wants; A doctor helps a patient.
aired 126 days ago
A kid visits his Grandma; a ghost whisperer contacts the other side; folks mourn a friend.
aired 133 days ago
A man is haunted; a knight is causing problems; a man knows the secrets of a hero.
aired 140 days ago
A woman's pet is suffering; a man talks to Jesus; a man advertises his crime fighting.
airs in 14 days
A look at what if junk mail wasn't junk; a YouTuber tries to cope; a look at if a ladder can save a family.
airs in 7 days
A girl has a party trick; a superhero fights grime; a man saves Earth with a cup.

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